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Hello again! This month’s printable was inspired by those ever popular “first day of school pictures.” This is my little mans first time going to school (Preschool counts right?), and I wanted a way to look back at these pictures and instantly know what grade he was in. So, I created these back to school printables  for my kids (and yours) to hold as they advance through school.

Back to school printables

To download:

Click on which image you would like to download and then right click and hit “save image.” Then it will save onto your computer. :) Then print them out on card stock and tape them to a pencil. These are SO cute! I can’t wait until next year so we can use them at our house!

* Please don’t abuse these downloads. They are for PERSONAL use only. They need to stay on I Heart Nap Time and need to be credited to Telisa from Sugar Tots Designs! Please be sure to thank her for the fabulous FREE printables!*

CLICK ON IMAGE BELOW (so it’s full size in a new window) and then save/ print.

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Have a great day! Click HERE for more free printables. Also don’t miss 50+ back to school ideas!

back to school ideas
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72 Responses to “FREE Back to School Printables (K-12)”

  1. Cassie

    These are wonderful. Just in time for my daughter to start kindergarten. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Johanna

    Gosh, those tiny hands are the BEST aren’t they? And her outfit…too much. I can’t take it. Dressing little girls is a close second to those little hands, wouldn’t you say?

  3. simone

    Thank you so much for these adorable poster signs, I can’t wait to start this with my two little girls. :)

  4. Cynedra

    Thank you so much. My first grader is still as small (or smaller) than some of the Ks and I’ve been worried about him having issues the first day of school – like some well meaning school personnel trying to send him to a K classroom.

  5. Bettie

    These are adorable! I printed 4…two for my children and two for our neighbors who wait at our bus stop! I’m going to give them attached to a little happy at the end of our first week! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Michelle

    thank you so much! I can’t wait to use these. My baby starts Kindergarten this year :(


  7. debra

    These are great! I saved all of them and have printed out the Preschool and Kindergarten signs. I adore them and they will make the cutest pictures next week!!! Thank you so much!

  8. Tina

    Just printed the whole set – you just gave our family a new tradition. We’ll be using the K on Monday. Can’t believe my first born is already old enough for big kid school. Thanks for sharing and have a great school year!

  9. Ronda Robertson

    Thank you! For those momma’s like me that are sending their babes off to Pre-K, (our school calls it K-4) I printed the “preschool”, “kindergarten”, and “4th grade” hodge podge together using the K as the base, cut out the pre and the giant 4. So cute! Thanks again for sharing!

  10. Pam P.

    Thank you so much for posting these. I sure wish I had them when my son started Kindergarten..he is now in 2nd and will be using these for now on and with my daughter who will be in kindergarten this year. I can not wait till the 22nd to use these! I just love your site!
    Thanks again.

  11. Lucy

    I don’t have any kids of my own, but have lots of nieces, nephews & little buddies I will be using these for. Thank you for doing all the hard work for us and sharing them.

  12. Kelly

    Thank you! My baby girl will be starting kinder next Monday. Although she will be at my school I teach at, it is still hard to believe how grown up she is!!

  13. Intentionally Katie

    OH MY!!! I am BEYOND thrilled that I found these mere hours before my kids’ first day of school. I will be linking back to your blog when I post pics tomorrow. THANK YOU for sharing these adorable creations!

  14. Samantha

    Thank you so much for posting these! I used the kindergartener one this morning for my son’s first day of school and it really helped make our first day of kindergarten pictures so special. Please feel free to check our use of your adorable printables in my most recent post!

    Thank you!

  15. tina

    Thank you so much for this free printable. I’m so in love with them and can’t wait to use them next week.

  16. Ericka

    THANK YOU!! I took pictures of my first graders with the ‘I’m a first grader’ sign on the first day of school. They look so cute! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  17. Kerin

    Thank you so much! These are great. I used them for my 2nd Grader and plan to use them next week for the preschooler!

  18. Rachel

    Thank you so much! I’m getting a late start with my son’s preschool this year, but I still want to make it a memorable event! Yay!

  19. Jennifer Edwards

    This is perfect! My oldest is starting Kindergarten next week. What a way to start a tradition!!!

  20. Jennifer Edwards

    one more thing….he has been marching around the house with his sign (I put it in a frame)…he is a bit excited about it!!

  21. Verna Richmond

    My first grader is still as small (or smaller) than some of the Ks and I’ve been worried about him having issues the first day of school – like some well meaning school personnel trying to send him to a K classroom. These signs are great!!

  22. Kristi

    Hi! I would LOVE if these were big so my kids could hold them for first day school pictures. They are adorable!!!

    • Jamielyn

      Hi Kristi, you should be able to print them 8×10. They’re really fun for the kids to hold for back to school pics!

  23. christy

    My little one starts Pre-k next week. I am so glad to find your printable signs just in time! Thank you so much for helping us capture this precious moment!

  24. Mychele

    Thank you so much for making and sharing these! This will make pictures so much more fun!

  25. Jena

    Thanks so much for offering these free printables! I ran out of time to do what I had planned for first day of school pics, so it was great that I had something available to print off the morning of!

  26. Brandi

    Hi! Thanks again for these wonderful printable. We’ve used them the last two years. The last day of school is drawing near and was hoping to fine a coordinating sign for her to hold on the last day. I looked around and didn’t see any, but thought I’d ask just in case I missed it. Thanks!!

    • Jamielyn

      Hi Brandi! Telisa only created these for the first day of school! I have seen some cute printables on other blogs for the last day of school though. :)

  27. Paula

    I think the posters are terrific. But as a teacher who battles getting kids to write capital I’s …