Taco Pasta

4 Servings

This taco pasta blends the zesty flavors of taco night with the creamy, comforting flavors of a cheesy pasta bake, all in one pot for maximum flavor with minimal fuss.


Ground Beef Onion and garlic Taco seasoning Rotel Pasta shells Cream cheese and sour cream Shredded cheese

Cook the pasta


Start by cooking your pasta to al dente perfection; remember to save some pasta water for later.

Brown meat


Brown beef with onions, then stir in garlic, taco seasoning, and a touch of seasoning for depth.

Add creamy ingredients


Off the heat, blend in the cream cheese, sour cream, and a generous sprinkle of cheese until creamy.



Combine the meat mixture with the noodles, add a final layer of cheese, and let it melt into gooey goodness.

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