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At the begining of each year I have the sudden urge to PURGE (pun totally intended) and organize my house. I’m always looking for cool tips and things that make my life easier. Send any great tips you have my way! :) Today I’ve rounded up 20 household tips to make your life easier. YEA! Are you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Yeah… I was too. ;)

20 household tips

Click on the source to find original tutorial.

Use a piece of tape to make hanging pictures a breeze. (source)

How to cook corn on the cob in 5 minutes flat! #tips

How to cook corn on the cob the easy way! (source)

Create a magnetic command center in your kitchen to keep organized. (source)

Place a rubberband around a cut apple to keep it from turning brown. (source)

Use a curtain rod and baskets to organize under your sink. (source)

Use a rubber band to remove a stripped screw. (source)

Learn how to clean a dishwasher here

Use a walnut to cover up dings in furniture. (source)

Learn how to cook asparagus.

Color coordinate your keys with different colors of nail polish. (source)

Remove nail polish with a magic eraser and nail polish remover. (source)

Fill cupcakes 3/4 full for a fluffy cupcake and 2/3 full for a flat cupcake. (source)

Make a holder for charing your cell phone from a lotion bottle. (source)

Remove crayons from your screen with WD-40. (source)

Use a wipes holder to store plastic bags. (source)

Use a cupcake holder to organize your craft supplies. (source)

Use a cupcake liner as a drip catcher. (source)

Create paint swatch sticks for each room. (source)

Use baby powder to remove sand from the park or beach. (source)

Store matches in mason jar. Add a piece of sand paper in the cap to strike the matches. (source)

Stick a few marshmallows or pieces of bread in your brown sugar to keep it soft. (source)

Place a bag with vinegar over your shower head to get it clean. (source)

So many great household tips! I can’t wait to use more of these in my home. Check out more of our tips HERE.

SO I’m curious…which tip are you going to try first?

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Join in!

93 Responses to “20 household tips to make your life easier!”

  1. Lori

    LOVE these tips!!! I thought I knew it all, but alas, I got some great new ideas here. Thank you!

  2. Laura Beth

    Love having all of these tips in one place!! You have no idea how many screws I’ve stripped in my DIY lifetime. I’m definitely going to have to save the rubber and idea!

  3. Shawnna

    I think I will try the vinegar one today after my shower. I’m being lazy and haven’t gotten out of bed yet. ;) I deserve one day off, right?

  4. Suzanne

    So, I have known most of these great tips (minus the apple, sandpaper/match, and magnetic command center), but since I hadn’t “pinned” them, they were forgotten. I think the first I’m going to do is the baggie with vinegar on the shower head. Thanks for sharing these and all the other amazing things on your blog!!

    • Lu K

      One of your tips (uaing nail polish to mark keys) reminded me od somerhkng I do. I use nail polish to mark the top of a plug on my electrical appliances to save having ro figure out which side is up. I did this to my Kindle charger too!

      • Anne

        If you use glittery polish (or Crayola glitter glue markers) you can also *feel* which is up and downside of plug in the dark or without even looking. This is helpful for items you have to plug in every night.

  5. Jenny Y

    Use bath scrubbies for washing dishes..lots of suds and easy to clean and air dry.

  6. Nikki

    I found a water saving tip for the toilet…… ad a brick inside the tank. Yes a brick it’s the most energy efficient thing I have found what a simple and yet cheap trick. I have one of those water saver flushers but that tank is SOOOOO big. I added a brick and I still have plenty of water to flush with. YAY!!

  7. Laura @ Laura's Crafty Life

    I already knew about a bunch of these. The vinegar on the shower head works awesome! Also, I just saw an idea on Pinterest (I don’t think I pinned it or I would site the source) to use popsicle sticks instead of paint sticks to keep a color swatch of paint for each room. Then punch a hole in the end and loop them together with a binder ring. Totally portable to take to the store with you!

    • Summer

      Hi, Laura! Just one thing about the popsicle stick idea.. the color calibrators at stores like home depot require a swatch at least the size of a quarter if you’re trying to get them to match it for you. It’s helpful if you have a touch-up to do down the road but didn’t save the can. Happy diy’ing!

  8. Jennifer@The Chronicles of Home

    The stripped screw and tape for hanging pictures are genius! I will definitely use these. Why have I wasted so much time measuring space between picture hangers?? I’ll also try the shower head-vinegar trick. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Pat C.

    Thank you for compiling such a useful collection of tips! I love the curtain rod under the sink one… besides being great for hanging spray bottles, it’s also a convenient place to hang dust rags and rubber gloves.: )


    • Karen

      One of the easiest ways to store plastic bags is to simply stuff them into an empty square tissue box. So easy to pull just one out at a time, plus the box is already decorated.

  10. Lindsey

    Great tips! Unfortunately, I found that the rubber band for stripped screws didn’t work… I tried it several times! :( Can’t wait to try some of the others though!

  11. bette

    love the one about the walnut for the furniture,going to try that very shortly on my electric fireplace.hope it hides the dings as it’s brand new.thanks!

  12. Amit

    Cleaning a shower head has always been a tough job for me.. but with your trick it becomes so easy to clean it thank you..

  13. Rita Wilson

    I have been putting off hanging a canvas my daughter got me because it would take me forever to get it hung. I am excited about using the tape idea.

    • amanda

      How does that work…. Ive done the wax thing (rain-X) on some in the past but that’s a bit of work. Id love to try the dryer sheets on shower glass

      • Cathy

        Try using 1 T dishwasher rinse, 1/2 C hydrogen peroxide, 1/2 C Rubbing alcohol, and teaspoon Dawn in a spray bottle (Add water to top). Tip up and down to mix…. of Rain -X. Lots cheaper and works for everything! I use on shower doors (for soap scum buildup), door knobs (germie), Even cleaned my glasses with it. You need to be diligent about shower doors, soap build up happens every time you shower… will drain down into bottom and keep the floor clean too! WARNING: Slippery, so have a sponge or whatever in tub handy to swish around the floors and hang on during this progress!!! I take care of shower spraying while I’m showering and use the sponge when I’m finished, to make my hubby happier when he gets into it later!!!

  14. Jennifer

    These are great. So glad I had seen this page of ideas! Thank you for sharing. Another I have seen and am getting ready to try is to get one of the small curtain rods (the kind you have to screw in, say for a small bathroom window) and attach to the inside of your kitchen cabinet and you can then hang pots and pans lids on it. Hopefully I have described that well enough to make sense.

  15. amanda

    And thxs for posting the tips… I love these ideas. My mom puts the scouring pad (the one that rust after one use) in a Styrofoam cup in the freezer to keep it from rusting and it works, I was impress which isn’t easy to do. :). Thxs gurls.

  16. Carolyn

    I found an easy way to hang pictures with 2 hangers on the back. I simply tie a strong piece of wire or string between them and I can center the picture perfectly! Very often the hangers aren’t even and it’s somewhat frustrating to line them up correctly on the wall. This prevents that and I’ve only used one nail or screw, which translates into only one hole in the wall!

  17. Pat+Lehr

    We all go to the doctors once in a while. You know that band they use around your arm when you have lab tests done. They are suppose to use a new one every time. See if lab tech will give it to you. Next time you have a hard time opening a jar, wrap band around jar and you have extra gripping power. You can also use larger rubber bands the same way

  18. Licia

    Thanks for the great tips. I also use pale nailpolish to mark the hooks on curtains when I remove them to wash. I can then put them back in the exact place. Hope this helps somebody! thanks again.