Halloween Treat Ideas

Halloween Oreo balls can be decorated in 5 different ways! Make these cookie balls into pumpkins, ghosts, a ghost, mummies, spiders ot with  seasonal sprinkles!

Halloween Oreo Balls

Easy homemade Rice Krispie treat balls are turned into cute monsters, mummies or pumpkins with some food coloring and simple edible decorations.

Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Mummy dogs take only 2 ingredients to make! So fun, festive and delicious. Serve with spooky spider web sauce for the ultimate Halloween experience!

Mummy Hot Dogs

Scoops of orange sherbet float on this fizzy punch and the vivid orange color is just perfect for the trick-or-treating season!

Halloween Punch

White chocolate covered strawberries get a ghostly appearance with this easy strawberry ghost recipe!

Strawberry Ghosts

Everyone will love making their own haunted Halloween gingerbread house! Decorate it as spooky or fun as you want. 

Halloween Gingerbread House

Sure to bring on the smiles and giggles this Halloween puking pumpkin is the best Halloween appetizer complete with guacamole and tortilla chips.

Puking Pumpkin with Guacamole

Halloween dirt cake is a classic Oreo dirt cake decorated with crushed Oreos, tombstone cookies and pumpkin candies to create a graveyard topping. Fun, festive and always a hit!

Halloween Dirt Cake

The perfect way to get in the spooky, fun Halloween spirit before trick or treating! Decorate these easy pizzas for dinner with with spiders, as a pumpkin or with ghosts!

Halloween Pizzas

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