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Spring Cleaning is a common phrase that everyone is familiar with: when the weather improves, so does the state of your home. Closets are cleaned out, everything is de-cluttered, and organization runs rampant through your home. For a few (brief, in my case) moments, everything in your home has a place and everything is in order.  There are no random piles of bills and important papers lurking on counters, no piles of laundry waiting at the bottom of stairs, no craft rooms that appear to have been designated as some form of disaster area.

In my world, I don’t really have a Spring Cleaning per se; mine is more of a Back-To-School Cleaning. As a teacher in my past life, this is the time of year when I wanted my freshly sharpened pencils and clean sheets of paper to have a proper home and I wanted my home in the same order. It seems only natural to me that as school is starting in some parts of the country already (mine included), I’ll share some of my favorite organization ideas that I’ve rounded up.

For the Craft Room:


Wrapping Paper and Ribbon Wall Rack from 33 Shades of Green


Straw Holder Ribbon Organizer from All People Quilt


Fabric Storage from Girl. Inspired.


Hanging Ribbon Organization from Creating Keepsakes

For the Pantry and Kitchen:


Cutting Board Rack from Family Handyman


Spice Organization from Home Made Happy


Pantry Organizer from Better Homes and Garden


Pantry Dividers from Martha Stewart


Weekly Meal Planner from Seven Thirty Three


Eating Charts from Lil’ Luna

For the kids:


School Paperwork Organization from I Heart Organizing


Chore Charts from Sandy Julian


Inexpensive Bookshelves from Oh Dee Doh

And the piece de resistance:


How To Fold A Fitted Sheet by Stephmodo

I love that there are so many ideas and options out there to make your home, office, craft room, whatever more organized and more efficient. This is only a small handful of the ideas I’ve stumbled across. I have many more over on my Organization Board on Pinterest!

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35 Responses to “Organization Ideas!”

  1. Courtney

    What great ideas! I agree, as a former teacher this is the time of year when I do most of my cleaning (maybe because it keeps me occupied while all my friends are going back to school, maybe because I always cleaned my classroom like a mad woman before school started). That is the best way ever to fold fitted sheets! I remember watching Martha Stewart in elementary school (because I’m THAT cool) and she demonstrated that method of folding fitted sheets. Now I can’t stand to see them folded any other way, I even have my husband trained to fold them correctly.

    • Katie

      I’m so glad that it isn’t just me that is obsessed with organizing this time of year! I remember seeing the sheet trick on Martha year ago too, but never could get the hang of it. I’m determined to now!

  2. Randi

    Such great ideas – thanks for sharing. I always look forward to fall organizing as well … I think having the kids back into their routines makes it feel like a good time to get everything reorganized after the summer chaos.

    • Katie

      You are welcome! I guess it nevver made sense to organize in the spring to me. Heaven knows it wasn’t going to stay organized once we got of school for the summer! Fall organizing just makes *much* more sense to me. :)

  3. Nancy C

    As a fellow teacher, back to school time leaves me saying, “Must organize everything!” Love these ideas and FINALLY someone showed me how to fold a fitted sheet! I can now stop rolling them in a ball and shoving them in a closet!

  4. Colette

    Me too!! I am a HUGE “Back to School” cleaner/organizer as well. :) Great ideas, I loved each of them. Now following you on Pinterest!

  5. Jen

    Before I got to the end I was thinking the whole time, “someone spent some time on Pinterest!” :) I’m so obsessed!

  6. PattyC

    Absolutely Awesome post – This is sooooo helpful – Especially for larger families with limited space – Such as mine – Great information – Thank you ;)

  7. kathye

    {Jaw Drop;}
    Oh my gooses. These are amazing. My OCD is going NUTS!!!!!!
    What an amazing post. It is getting me off my tush and I am going to go organize.
    Thanks soooo much!

    • Katie

      Kathye, can I just say that “Oh My Gooses” literally made me laugh out loud? I’m glad that someone shares my OCD tendencies!

  8. Gabrielle

    Love love love!! I am itching to get started. I put up a post linking back to you. The staw holder ribbon storage is my favorite.

  9. Heather

    I could not believe me eyes, someone knows how to fold a fitted sheet that perfectly? I am in awe!! I just wad it up into a big ball and stuff it into the linen closet.

    • Katie

      Alissa, your wrapping paper and ribbon rack was amazing! I had to share it! I’m so glad you found some inspiration from other ideas too!