25+ Meal Prep Ideas

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    Easy, healthy and delicious recipes that will make your meal prep a success! Also includes FREE meal prep printables that are perfect for getting organized and planning ahead.

    If you’re looking for healthy recipes, Whole30 recipes, gluten-free recipes, and more…you’ve come to the right spot! This list of 25+ meal prep ideas includes all types of delicious and healthy recipes that are perfect for your next meal prep.

    meal prep ideas

    If you’ve never meal prepped before, I highly recommend it! It may seem a bit intimidating at first, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of quick and easy recipes that will make your prepping a success!

    Meal prep is great for when your trying to eat healthy or even doing a Whole30. It’s so much easier to stay on track when everything is already prepared. You can just grab it out of the fridge and dig in!

    I like to meal prep at the beginning of each week, but feel free to choose a day that works with your schedule. In order to get organized, I use my free printables (scroll down to download and print) to plan out my meals for the week ahead. If you’re not big into planning, check out my free 7 day meal plan…all of the work is already done for you!

    I’ve included some of my favorite ideas below to help make your next meal prep as easy and stress-free as possible! There are tons of healthy and delicious recipes to choose from when planning out your menu. You can’t go wrong with any! Enjoy :)

    meal prep containers

    Meal prep containers

    To stay organized, it’s so helpful to use meal prep containers when storing your meals. Below are some of my favorites. I love using glass containers because they keep so much longer and don’t stain, however I’ve included some plastic ones too.

    Meal prep ideas

    Below are some of my favorite ideas that are easy, healthy and delicious. You’ll find recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks. Everything you need to have a successful prep!

    breakfast meal prep

    Breakfast ideas

    I don’t know about you, but my mornings are pretty crazy, and I often don’t have time to cook something up. That’s why I love to breakfast meal prep, so that I can just quickly grab and go. Plus, this way I know I’m grabbing something healthy rather than an unhealthy quick option.

    Here are some of my favorite breakfast recipes that can be made at the beginning of the week:

    smoothie prep bags

    Lunch ideas

    You definitely won’t be bored with these tasty and healthy lunch ideas. They are packed with amazing flavor and are so easy to make! My favorite to make is my sheet pan sausage with veggies. It’s made in just one pan and takes only 30 minutes. Plus it’s Whole30 approved too. However, if I’m not doing a Whole30, I like to add some rice or quinoa to bulk it up a little.

    Here are some of my favorite lunch ideas that can be made at the beginning of the week:

    meal prep lunch ideas

    Dinner ideas

    When things are really busy during the week, I sometimes don’t have time to whip up dinner. That’s why dinner meal prep is super handy! Instead of just ordering a pizza or getting take out, I have a healthy and nutritious meal that I can easily reheat in a matter of minutes. I can’t tell you how many times it has saved me. It’s definitely worth the extra work!

    Here are some of my favorite recipes for dinner that can be made at the beginning of the week:

    dinner meal prep

    Snack ideas

    It’s so helpful to have snacks ready for when you get hungry throughout the day. That way you know you’re grabbing a healthy option that will give you energy and hold you over until your next meal. I always make sure to have fresh fruit on hand, but also love to make protein balls, yogurt bites, and healthy muffins.

    Here are some of my favorite snacks that can be made at the beginning of the week:

    healthy meal prep

    FREE Meal Prep Printables

    To help make your planning a little easier and stress-free, I created these free printables. I use these all the time! They help me stay organized and are perfect to stick on the fridge.

    Printables include:

    • Weekly meal plan template (with boxes for shopping lists & weekly goals)
    • Monthly meal plan template (with box for monthly goals)
    • Weekly water tracker

    meal prep printables

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