White and grey kitchen makeover


I’m super excited to share my white and grey kitchen makeover (with pops of color too) with you today!

It’s been a little over a year since we moved in, so I thought it was about time I posted an update and a little tour. You may remember seeing the house tour, but I’ll share a before pic in case you don’t remember what it looked like when we bought it. I’ll share a source list at the bottom too, if you’re wondering where I got things from or paint colors.

It seems like I just shared my last kitchen makeover from my old house. Time is flying!

White and grey kitchen makeover on iheartnaptime.com -love the pops of color!


Ready for the before?! This is a pic from when we toured the house. It definitely was not in bad shape, but lacking personality for sure.

kitchen makeover before

Here’s the after! What a difference! I am so in LOVE with all the white! Luckily there was already white cabinets, but with the yellow paint behind it, it just made everything feel darker.

White and grey kitchen makeover on iheartnaptime.com -love the pops of color!

So let’s take a tour, shall we?! I’ll show you what we did!

White and grey kitchen makeover on iheartnaptime.com -love the pops of color!

Before we moved in we had our floors replaced, then we did everything else about 6 months later. We basically painted all the walls, added beadboard and trim around the island (let me know if you want a tutorial) and then had the countertops and tile put in. I really wanted to go with marble, but after doing some research decided quartz would be better with kids. It looks really similar and holds up WAY better. You can’t scratch these countertops. They are awesome! My son helped me put in all the new knobs and boy does that make a difference! I seriously love how it all came together.

Free printable kitchen art

Still so in love this kitchen art too. It makes me happy every time I walk in the kitchen. You can download the free printable here.
White and grey kitchen makeover on iheartnaptime.com -love the pyrex!

This cabinet (from ikea) also makes my heart pitter patter. I am seriously obsessed with vintage pyrex…so here’s where I store a few of my favorite dishes and cake stands.

White and grey kitchen makeover on iheartnaptime.com -love the farmhouse sink!

I’ve been dreaming about a farmhome sink for awhile now, so I was so happy to put one of these in our home. We went with the whitehaven self-trimming farmhouse sink from Kohler because it 1. it is gorgeous and 2. it has the self-trimming feature. This allowed us to remove the top panel and then slide the sink right in. A few of the other ones we looked at, we would have had to buy a whole new cabinet. I seriously LOVE this sink! Worth every penny!

Cake stand as a soap dish -cute and functional!

I sort of have a thing for cake stands and soaps. They just go together, don’t they?! I had these in my last kitchen, so thought I would have them here too.

White and grey kitchen makeover on iheartnaptime.com -love the pops of color!

Right before I started taking pictures of the kitchen, I thought it would be a good idea to take off these cabinet doors. I felt like it would open the space a little more and add some personality to the room. I’m so glad I did! I love the look! Such a cheap and easy way to transform a room.

Organized cook books by color -love!

I had to do some serious organizing in this cupboard. You do not want to see the before pic on this one. ha! I love that all my cookbooks are color coordinated now. Hopefully, I’ll keep them this organized now that the doors are off. ;)

Industrial globe lights

We also removed the giant white square light and installed these awesome globe lights I found at Shades of Light! I also found the edison light bulbs to put inside and love the look. These lights are always the first thing people comment on when they walk in.

DIY farmhouse kitchen table -love!

Here’s the kitchen table we built (tutorial here) with the fun new chandelier I found on sale at Pottery Barn. The table has held up so well! It definitely has some extra dings and scratches, but I think it gives it character.

White and grey kitchen makeover on iheartnaptime.com -love the pops of color!

I found that awesome gumball machine from a yard sale for $5! Crazy, right?! It is so fun! And I rarely keep gumballs in there… but it is a fun piece of decor. I also love that fun pie sign I found at World Market. My husband was joking with me that it wasn’t true. Let’s be honest… I probably only bake pies twice a year …BUT I am usually baking/cooking SOMETHING daily. ;)


This girl loves to help me bake!

Flour jar with chalkboard label

I love these big clear jars and have several of them throughout my house!

White and grey kitchen makeover on iheartnaptime.com -love the pops of color!

And how adorable is this spoon holder? I may be a tiny bit obsessed with mason jars too. ;)

White and grey kitchen makeover on iheartnaptime.com -love the cupcake liners in jar!

One of my favorite (and useful) pieces of decor is my cupcake liner jar. It adds such a fun pop of color to my kitchen.



White and grey kitchen makeover on iheartnaptime.com -love the pops of color! Fun before and after!

Thanks for coming with me on a little tour of our new kitchen! If I’m missing something and you’d like to know where it’s from just leave a comment and I’ll add it to the source list. :)

Source list:

Thanks for reading! Happy friday friends! XO



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73 comments on “White and grey kitchen makeover”

  1. We have very similar decorating styles so I always love seeing your home tour posts! Your kitchen is so so beautiful!!  I love bright white rooms too! :) 

  2. I’m in love!! You did such a great job! And I would LOVE the tutorial for the breadboard. My new kitchen is in need of a serious makeover. :)

  3. It looks SO great Jamie!!!

  4. It looks beautiful!

  5. Love all the colors in this  kitchen makeover! Pinned!

  6. What type of floors did you put in your house….they are beautiful!

  7. Your kitchen is STUNNING!!! What is the name of that Ikea piece that holds all your pyrex? It’s awesome and just what i have been looking for.
    you have such beautiful taste girl. love it!

  8. STUNNING!! You did an amazing job!

  9. I love it! Especially the pendant lights. And that cookbook shelf! Gorgeous! 

  10. Oh my word! I thought the Before was the after and the After was the Before. Talk about scared to death! ;) It looks absolutely lovely, awesome job designing it! 

  11. Hi! I was wondering what type of flooring was used in your kitchen?
    Maybe the brand and store it was purchased at. Thanks! 
    You have a  beautiful home! 

  12. Beautiful and I just love the pop of colors sprinkled throughout your kitchen.

  13. I absolutely love your kitchen.  I like every part of it.  It’s funny that the cabinet door removal was a last minute decision: it’s my favorite part.  I, too, have an obsession with Pyrex, and it’s actually a factor in our kitchen remodel planning, which is in its very very very very early stages.

    I also love the white Hemnes hutch you’re using to display your Pyrex.  We are a Hemnes household and have lots of the pieces.

    Thank you for sharing!  And thank you especially for sharing the sources.  I will be using the store you got your knobs from – great prices for things that I thought we would be priced out of!


    • Thanks for your comment Alanna, it made me smile! The open cabinets ended up being my favorite part too…I’m so glad I decided to do that to add more color and shape to the room. I’m so glad you stopped by. :)

  14. Absolutely beautiful space!! The pops of color are perfect!

  15. Totally gorgeous space! You did a fantastic job!

  16. Absolutely Gorgeous!!! I love, love, love it!! I love all the details and colors you chose. Love it!!

  17. I love it all.  On the left cabinet…are all the mason jars and lidded mason jars just for decor or do you use them? Also, do you plan on doing anything with the over the cabinet space? I don’t see a lot of people doing tutorials on that. A  lot of the new homes have the up to the ceiling cabinets..I’m intrigued to see if you do anything. 

    • Thanks Karla! The mason jars are mainly for decor, but I do use them occasionally! I don’t think I will do anything with the over the cabinet space. There isn’t a ton of room up there and I like the clean look! :)

  18. Love it. Beautiful.

  19. This is seriously my dream kitchen! I love everything about it!!!

  20. Loooove it! Turned out fabulous!! Great job, girl!! XO

  21. I love, love, love your kitchen !  Thanks for sharing!

  22. Wow!  I have followed your blog for a long time now, but this is my first time commenting :)  I LOVE your kitchen.  I am really amazed by how much you transformed the space without changing your cabinets!  I recently painted my outdated oak cabinets that were in good shape a light gray color and changed the hardware.  I am so glad I did not rip the cabinets out–they turned out great!  ADORE your back splash and your open cabinets–what a great idea to pop some doors off and leave them open!

    • Your comment made my day Tasha, thanks so much! I was really happy that we didn’t rip out our cabinets too! It’s amazing what painting and changing the hardware can do for a kitchen. :)

  23. How can I see the tutorial on the headboard and trim that you did on the island? 

  24. Love! The grey and white is the perfect backdrop for all of the lovely pops of color throughout. Just beautiful! I HAVE to get those lights!

  25. What a gorgeous after!! It’s so much brighter and it even looks bigger! I love all the pops of color everywhere!

  26. Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful!! I would live to know the brand and color of your dutch oven that is on the stove and the color of your Kitchen Aid mixer.  Thank you!

  27. I absolutely love your kitchen! I was wondering
     what brand and color is your dutch oven that is on your stove and the color of the Kitchen Aid mixer is. They are so pretty! Thank you!

  28. WOW!!! I love it all Jam!!! You did a fantastic job!!! xoxo

  29. Absolutely beautiful kitchen! I would love to know the brand and color of your dutch oven sitting on the stove and the color of your Kitchen Aid Mixer. They are such pretty, happy colors! Thank you!!

  30. Hi, I was wondering what brand and color that your dutch oven that sits on the stove is? You have a beautiful house!!

  31. I was wondering if you could tell us the dimensions of this kitchen space. It looks very similar to how my husband and I have considered laying out our kitchen as we renovate and we are looking for inspiration photos!

  32. Hi!  I love everything about your kitchen!   It is exactly what I would like to do!  Could you please send me the tutorial for your beadboard and trim island?  It looks amazing!

  33. How did I miss this post.  It’s gorgeous!  I would love to have a kitchen like this.  So bright and fresh!  Great job.

  34. Love your kitchen! I am in the middle of a kitchen reno and I have been looking for the perfect grey subway tile. I absolutely love the one you picked for your space! Do you have the name/manufacturer/color of it by any chance? Thank you! :)

  35. Love what you did! Could you tell me the width of your kitchen pretty please? Trying to see if we have room to do this layout in a 12×18 kitchen. Thanks!

  36. This is the first time I’ve wrote a comment….ever!   But I love everything you did! So beautiful! Great job!

  37. your island is exactly what I’m wanting to do to mine! night. What width and depth boards around the island?  It looks about 3inches wide and 1/4 inch thick?  Looks great!!

  38. Hey, Jamielyn! Love your updated kitchen! We just redid ours in similar colors! We also have 2 ugly fluorescent lights… Did you have to get an electrician to change from fluorescent to your hanging bulbs… And did you have to paint your ceiling? Would LOVE to get rid our the fluorescents… But they do supply a lot of light and didn’t know how extensive the work would be.
    Any insight would be helpful!!
    Thank you! 

  39. can you please tell me the dimensions of the room? I’d like a similar layout but not sure it will all fit in my kitchen

  40. i love love love the shade of gray that your subway tiles are. If you don’t mind sharing where you bought them locally,I would love to know the color and how to contact them. I keep ordering samples of grays that aren’t just right!

  41. Oh, how I want a brighter, whiter kitchen. Great job, it looks awesome!

  42. This turned out amazing. You had great bones to start with.  It is a very welcoming kitchen and I like that.

  43. my husband and I want to update the lighting in our kitchen. Have you found with you new light fixtures that you don’t have enough light to cook in the evening time? 

    • They don’t put off very much light at night, but we have canned lights we put in as well that provide more light :)

  44. How can I find out how you added the beadboard and trim on the island?


  45. Absolutely gorgeous!  I had a question, as a few others asked about how you added the beadboard as well.  For those of us that are starting out as DIY-ers, can you possibly do a tutorial?  It would be much appreciated!  I just found your sight and in love!  

  46. It is beautiful! Truth be told I am not big on all the white, just not my style but I love the open shelving! And how pretty to display your cookbooks there!

  47. I love what you did! I would love a tutorial on the island beadboard and trim. We are starting this in a couple weeks. Eek!

  48. Your kitchen layout is so similar to ours and the colours you have used are so similar to what we have chosen for our renovation. Can you please tell me what colour sink you choose? thanks!

  49. Could you tell me the dimensions of your kitchen?  It is beautiful! Thanks a bunch!

  50. Kimberley Tremblay Reply

    OMG LOOOOVE the after!!!!!! Beautifullllllly done! Congrats!

  51. I LOVE it. Looks amazing!

  52. Congrats Jamielyn!!! Great job done by renovator. Really I love it.

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