4th of July Mirror

This 4th of July mirror was super easy and FAST to make. I totally forgot to take pic’s along the way…however it’s pretty self explanatory. You could start out with a finished frame or mirror, or an un-finished one. I started out with a wooden mirror and painted it white. Then I found a cardboard star and painted it blue. I added the the rolled flowers on the side, a few crystals and walah!

The rolled flowers are also pretty easy to make. I  know there are a million tutorials already
out there, so I’ll just do a quick run-down. Cut your fabric into a 1 in strip (about 24 in long). Tie a knot at the end and glue it to the center of the felt. Start twisting and gluing along the way.  You only need a little glue. When it’s big enough stop rolling and cut off extra fabric. Cut the flower out(as close as you can get to the fabric) and tuck the end on back side with some glue.

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Jamielyn Nye

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