White Chocolate Fudge {CCC}

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Hello! I’m Kalleen from At Second Street. I am so excited to be here today and share one of my favorite holiday traditions, CHOCOLATE. My mother, sisters and I spend a week after Thanksgiving making around 350 pounds of hand-dipped chocolates. You can read more about it HERE.
Not everyone has an amazing mom like me to sit next to them and help them dip chocolates for their neighbors, co-workers and friends. So, I thought I’d give you something almost as good, our recipe for White Chocolate Fudge with cashews. It’s to die for!
White chocolate fudge is easy to make yet your neighbors will think you’re a professional candy maker. This just may become your newest secret family recipe.

Once you’ve let it set for a couple hours somewhere cold, turn your pan over and let some hot water run over the bottom of the pan. Make sure to hold you fingers over the opening so that your fudge doesn’t drop into the sink. After a couple of seconds of hot water the fudge should release.

Drop the pan over onto parchment paper so you can cut it into pieces. I got out my ruler to cut 20 even pieces. Once cut, I wrapped each piece in plastic wrap.You can deliver your white chocolate fudge as is or you can dress it up in one of these SWEET bags:
They are the perfect size for one or two pieces of fudge.
I printed this fun images onto Paper sacks from Michaels.(CELEBRATE IT, paper sacks, 3-1/2″ x 2″ x 6-3/4″, 16 pieces)
To make your own, down load the file HERE.***To print, click on PRINT in FILE menu. Then click OPEN WITH PREVIEW. Then click on PRINT in preview FILE menu. When the print options box opens change paper size from standard to untitled.  Tape down the bottom flap on the back and print. ***
If making fudge is not for you, you can still fill the sacks with you favorite holiday goodie.
Hope your holidays are SWEET!
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