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Have you ever wondered how to cook asparagus? I JUST recently discovered my love for asparagus and now cook it at least once a week. I think this vegetable intimidates people… but it really is pretty simple to cook. Promise! Just follow these simple steps…

{ How to cook asparagus }

Step 1: When buying asparagus look for bright green and firm stems. To prepare for cooking, rinse asparagus under cold water and then cut off the brown edges on the bottom.


Step 2: Place the asparagus in a large skillet pan and pour enough water in to cover the stems. Lightly salt and cook (covered) for about 3-5 minutes, or until tender.

Step 3:

If serving warm, drain and place on paper towels. Lightly drizzle with olive oil, then salt and pepper.

If serving cool, drain and place the asparagus in a large bowl of ice water. This will shock the stems and stop them from cooking. After about a minute remove stems and place them on a paper towel. Salt and pepper. This is how I do it if I will be placing them in salads.

Another one of my favorite ways to enjoy asparagus is by roasting them. To do this, first, pre-heat oven to 400. Place stems on a baking sheet and then drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper. Bake for 12-15 minutes tossing them about half way through.


So I’m curious… are you a fan of asparagus? If not, give it another try! Come back later this evening and I’ll be sharing one of my favorite dishes made with asparagus. :)

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43 comments on “TIP How to cook asparagus”

  1. I love asparagus! I always roast it. I sprinkle olive oil, a little lemon pepper and sometimes some parmesan cheese on it! YUMM!!!!

  2. I discovered my love of asparagus a couple of years ago thanks to my mother-in-law. Now that we live close to her, we get to enjoy LOTS of fresh asparagus from their garden! I love it.

  3. I love asparagus! I also will throw it in some water in my steamer bowl that goes in the microwave and it cooks it perfect!

  4. I love asparagus! I think a lot of people don’t like them because they’ve never had them cooked properly. I feel the same way about brussels sprouts. Those suckers are so delicious when you roast them. Sprinkling some bacon pieces over the top doesn’t hurt either ;-)

  5. I absolutely *LOVE* asparagus. When I was a kid our mother would send us out with a paper grocery bag and a paring knife to go collect it along the ditch banks (we lived on a small farm). Now, buying it in the store seems like cheating!

    I never ever cut asparagus. I prefer to bend it until it snaps. If it does not snap easily then that part of the asparagus will be tough and somewhat woody in texture.

    I also prefer my asparagus steamed. My steamer has a clear lid on it and I cook it only until the color changes. Oh Yummmm!!! I cannot wait for the price of asparagus to go down!!

  6. I love asparagus steamed. Place it in a steamer for about 8 minutes, then butter and salt.

  7. I LOVE asparagus and have way too many stories about it to admit… Like planting brussels sprouts instead because we were given the wrong seeds (argh. I hate brussels sprouts).

    Instead of cutting them, I think they’re best when broken! I bend the bottom part and it will snap off right where it needs to. That way I don’t get any accidental tough parts on the bottom like when I do when cutting!

  8. my favorite way to cook asparagus is in the oven! a little olive oil, toss in your cleaned stems and sprinkle on salt, pepper, and a little garlic powder! bake on 350 for 15 or so minutes! easy peasy delicious!

  9. Is it weird that I like eating asparagus dipped in mayo? I grew up eating it from the can and a dollop of mayo, but I definitely prefer it fresh, and slightly steamed. It’s even better with a teriyaki glaze drizzle (in addition to the mayo, of course.. LOL).

  10. I love, asparagus, but my favorite dish still is the risotto… it was one of the “primi” at my wedding party… always a crowd pleaser in our home… ^^

  11. I LOVE asparagus! I have always roasted it in the oven, so I’ll have to try your other method here. And that delicious looking salad. Yum!

  12. I LOVE asparagus! Our favorite way to prepare it – throw it on the grill! Indoor or outdoor, doesn’t matter. Toss cleaned and trimmed asparagus with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, grill for 5-8 minutes turning several times to get a char on all sides. Delish!

  13. Oh my goodness. I love roasted asparagus. I got addicted to grapeseed oil a while back, though, so now I roast it in that. It gives it an amazing nutty flavor. And I make sure to roast it until it’s crispy, because then it’s kinda like candy. In vegetable form. Weird.

    • I understand the “candy” thing! We also roast creamer potatoes with olive oil,minced garlic or powdered and salt and pepper… in a 375° oven until browned and tender!!! Yummo, just like candy! (Even the kids think so)

  14. i always saute’ mine. A little evoo in a pan throw in asparagus, salt and pepper. Cover for 5, stir, repeat until desired doneness. I like mine with a little crunch yet. When you do it in the oven sprinkle parmesan cheese on tip the last few minutes.

  15. I cook them on the grill sometimes by grabbing some foil lay them on, drizzle some olive oil, some butter( what ever is your personal choice). Add a little salt and pepper and close the foil. Put it on the grill and I cook it about 15 minutes. YUM!

  16. Oh, I’m so glad you posted this! My husband grills asparagus for us all the time along with some other yummy veggies, but I would love to try some other ways to eat it! :)
    I do have a question though: for step two after you’ve got the asparagus in the skillet, you didn’t say what temp heat you cook them on? I have a gas stove that is a little tricky, so I want to be sure I don’t burn them up! :)

    Also, have you ever tried grape seed oil instead of olive oil? Comparative in price, very healthy, but, I like the taste better than olive oil. Just an idea.

    Thanks again,

  17. I have a different approach to cooking my asparagus.. I clean them first then place in a microwavable container with about a half inch of water on the bottom. Add some McCormicks seasoning and mircowave on high for 3 minutes and let it sit until dinner is ready. They come out tender and flavorful! :) Enjoy!

  18. Yummmm…I love broiled asparagus! I prepare mines like yours, except I slice up some garlic and sprinkle it over the asparagus before broiling. I am a garlic fan, so I think it’s to die for!

  19. Another delicious way to cook asparagus is grilled on the grill outside. I mix all veggies w onion and sprinkle w olive oil and garlic and put in a grill top basket. Soooo yummy!

  20. Instead of cutting the ends off the asparagus, snap them off. If you cut them, you may find part of it are harder to eat, kind of stringy and yuck, snapping them off ( hold at either end and bend until it snaps) may cause you to lose a little more of the vegetable, but it always snaps at the point where it stops being tough and stringy and starts being yummy. Win out in the long run. Also easy to steam if you prefer that. We put a bit of water into a pot, put the steaming pot thing ( essentially a pot with holes in the bottom like a strainer) on top and pop a lid on top. With the asparagus ( whole or cut into bite sized pieces, make no difference) in the steamer pot, turn on the stovetop element. Let the water in the bottom pot boil and the steam from it will cook the asparagus inside the steamer as long as the lid is on properly. Take 10-15 minutes and we like to either sprinkle a little salt and pepper or sprinkle a little parmessan cheese on it once it’s on the plate. Yumm yumm. Enjoy.

  21. Actually the “correct” way to prep asparagus is to bend it and it will snap off the woody end on its own. Cooking them I prefer to lay them in HD aluminum foil, drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, fresh cracked pepper to taste. Bring up foil on top and seal – then seal both ends. You can lay on BBQ grill or in an oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. Shake packet a little and serve. Yummy!

  22. Recently a couple of friends and I, cooked them in the Nuvawave sprayed them with olive oil and seasoned them with salt and pepper. They were only in there for about 12min and they came out delicious!

  23. I looove asparagus!

  24. I break my asparagus and discard the “woody”portion. I also set aside the tips, steam the stem portions, then add the tips to the steamer a couple of minutes later, as the tips take less time to cook.

  25. wow, i love asparagus when it’s been cooked for me but i’ve never dared cook it myself, will definitely try now! thanks :)

  26. I love roasted asparagus! But first, before cleaning, pick up one piece and juss t bend it, it will utomatically break off about 1/4 of the hard piece on bottom, dothat to all and you will haave nice tender aspargus. Rinse then put on a foil or parchment covered sheet pan, drizzle o.o. on, add salt and pepper to taste. Toss with hands to coat. Put in 400° degree oven for 15 minutes.. opt., put small amount of sesamee oil on mix, cook..sprinkle with sesamee seeds when done ENJOY!

  27. My family and I just discovered our love gor asparagus as well but try (and it may seem like a little more work) using a potato peel and peeling the skin off it tastes even better. Just my opinion.

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