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Ooey gooey s’mores bars…. does it get any better than that? I think not! I experimented with my favorite cookie bar recipe over the weekend and created the most delicious chocolate chip cookie s’mores bars! The graham cracker crust, chewy center and marshmallow top is out of this world! I hate to say it… but these are now my favorite over the beloved Congo Bars. These are the perfect treat for a summer BBQ or to share with a friend! Or hide the pan… I won’t judge. ;)

S'mores bars


  • CRUST:
  • 1/2 cup butter melted
  • 1 1/2 cup graham cracker crumbs
  • DOUGH:
  • 2 cups brown sugar
  • 2/3 cup salted butter (softened)
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 1/2 cup flour
  • 2 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 cup mini marshmallows
  • Place on top of dough before baking:
  • 1 Milk Chocolate Candy Bar (broken into pieces)
  • 1 Graham Cracker (broken into pieces)
  • 1/2 cup marshmallows


  1. Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees.
  2. Combine melted butter and graham cracker crumbs into a small bowl with a fork. Then line a 13x9 with foil and press down crust. Set aside.
  3. Cream butter and sugar in a large bowl. Add in eggs and vanilla and stir until combined. Mix the baking powder and salt with 1 cup of flour. Pour into the butter mixture and stir in the rest of the flour. Fold in chocolate chips.
  4. Press dough into pan with a spatula flour on your hands. The dough goes right on top of the crust. Bake for 30-35 minutes or until lightly browned. Oven temps will vary. Test with a tooth pick. The dough should be soft in the center.
  5. Allow bars to cool and then enjoy with a scoop of ice cream or cold glass of milk!

S'mores bars on ...These are SO easy and literally heaven in your mouth! #recipes

These s’mores bars are my new favorite! They are THAT good! You must put them on your “MUST TRY” board. ;) SO yummy!!

S'mores bars on ...These are SO easy and literally heaven in your mouth! #recipes

SO… what’s your favorite BAR recipe?

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42 Responses to “S’mores bars”

  1. Becky

    Can you clarify where the crust (graham crumbs and melted butter) fit it? Does that get pressed into the pan before the dough? Does it need to be baked a bit before-hand? These look so yummy!

    • Jamielyn

      Sorry about that, it should be fixed now! Yes, after you mix the graham cracker crumbs and melted butter, press it into the foil lined pan before the dough. You don’t need to cook it before the dough goes on, just cook it all together! Hope you enjoy! :)

  2. Angie

    I tried making these this evening and the graham cracker crust was more of a batter consistency instead of being easy to spread like a crumbly crust. In fact, I couldn’t even spread it over the entire surface of the pan. Any suggestions on what I could have done wrong? I followed the recipe…

    • Jamielyn

      Hi Angie! Maybe next time try adding more graham cracker crumbs or less butter. I’m not sure why it was a batter consistency, it might be different in different climates? Play around with it and add more or less to get the consistency you want! Sorry about that!

  3. Stacy

    I pinned these yesterday, made them last night, tried this morning and asked them to marry me. We will be very happy together!!

  4. Ally

    This looks very yummy, definitely going to make it! Just want to clarify, are there mini marshmallows in the cookie dough? Do you just fold them in at the same time as the chocolate chips? Thank you! :)

    • Jamielyn

      Yeah I just folded the marshmallows in at the same time as the chocolate chips and then placed a few extra marshmallows on top! :)

  5. Ila

    These are delicious. Made them for a back to school treat for a few friends starting kindergarten and they loved them!

  6. Daisy

    I made these with whole wheat flour because I did not have regular flour and I did not realize I needed to fold in the marshmallows too but they were still yummy! Definitely making them again!

  7. Lauren

    I was drooling at the mere sight of these when I pinned this recipe a few months ago. I just got around to making them last week, and I encountered the same problem as Angie where even after cooking it for the full time on the recipe, it was uncooked in the center. I ended up covering it in foil and baking it for nearly twice the time indicated on the recipe. They’re still okay but mine are much thicker than the ones pictures. Jamielyn, if I were to make this again, should I use a Jelly Roll Pan instead? Other suggestions?

    • Jamielyn

      Hi Lauren! I’m sorry you had trouble with this recipe! Mine turned out golden on the top and a little gooey in the middle and I used a 9×13 pan. Sometimes it’s frustrating that everyone’s oven cooks things differently!