Easy OREO brownies


Oh my goodness! I am so excited to share these simple and delicious OREO brownies with you today! These are so good and since they use a box mix, they are so EASY to make! You know me and my easy recipes. I’m always looking for something quick!

These oreo brownies are rich, chewy and a chocolate lovers dream! This dessert is heavenly. Anything with extra chocolate is a winner in my book. ;)

OREO brownies from iheartnaptime.com ... you won't believe how easy this recipe is! Such an easy and yummy recipe!

Oreo brownies


  • 2 boxes of brownie mix (+ ingredients on the box)
  • 1 package of oreos


1. Pre-heat oven to 325°.
2. Mix brownies according to package in a large bowl.
3. Line 13×9 pan with foil. Pour in half of the batter and then line bottom of pan with OREO’s. Pour the rest of the batter over the OREO’s.
4. Bake at 325 for 35-45 minutes or until a tooth pick comes clean.
5. Enjoy with a cold glass of milk!

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For this recipe I used Ghiradelli brownie mix -my absolute favorite! I went big time with DOUBLE chocolate! Mmm… so good! You could of course use your favorite homemade brownies… but I have yet to find that recipe. Share your recipe if you have one you love better than the box. ;)

OREO brownies from iheartnaptime.com ... you won't believe how easy this recipe is! Such an easy and yummy recipe!

All you’re going to do is pour half the batter in the pan and then line the base with OREO’s. Then pour the rest of the batter over top.

OREO brownies from iheartnaptime.com ... you won't believe how easy this recipe is! Such an easy and yummy recipe!

Enjoy with a large glass of cold milk during your hot date! ;)

OREO brownies from iheartnaptime.com ... you won't believe how easy this recipe is! Such an easy and yummy recipe!

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41 comments on “Easy OREO brownies”

  1. Mmmmm….. those look DELISH!!!!!

  2. Yummy. I make something similar but I crush up the Oreos and have a bottom layer of chocolate chip cookie dough. You can see pictures here: http://ourwolfden.wordpress.com/2013/09/03/pro-brownies/

  3. These brownies look really delicious! It will give quite the Sugar rush :)

  4. What does the foil do in the pan? And how would you cut it if there is foil?

    • It makes it so the brownies don’t stick to the pan and makes for easy clean up! I usually just remove the foil and brownies from the pan and then cut. You can definitely use non-stick spray as well! :)

  5. They were AMAZING!!! My roommate fell in love with them INSTANTLY!!

  6. I am super excited about making these brownies! One question- are the brownie mixes 8×8 or 9×13?

  7. Just made these for a picnic with my girlfriend tomorrow and as of now they taste great. Oreos are her favorite. Hope she likes them!

  8. When making for a large group you can use cupcake baking cups . It is a little more work but the ease at the event is worth it. Just put about a tablespoon of batter in the cup, drop an Oreo in, cover with a tablespoon of batter and bake according to cupcake directions on box.

  9. These are in the oven now! I played with flavors and made mocha brownies with mint oreos! Im making then fo a going away party. Hope they are a hit!

  10. Does the oreo get softer when brownies are done? (or does  cookie stay hard?)I want to make these for a first grade class party. Silly question

  11. I just made these for my boyfriend for valentines day!!!! Thanks so much for the super easy recipe!!! 

  12. I made these and they were in the oven for th. longest time and not fully cooking and I’m wondering if it was just the Oreo that melted and they were actually ready

  13. I don’t make mine like that, I use a brownie pan by Pampered Chef. You dip the Oreo in the mix, then put into the brownie mold. Much easier that way and everyone loves mine.

  14. Quick Question – the 2 Ghirardelli boxes shown are for 8×8 pans. I tend to use mixes for 13×9 pans. Would I still make two boxes or would 1 13×9 mix work?


  15. I am going to rub a dab of peanut butter on top of the oreos before topping with more brownies!

  16. I made these as a treat for one o f my staff writers who has been doing really well. She loves oreos so this was perfect for her! She fell in love!! Thank you for the idea!

  17. These sound yummy. But being the peanut butter chocolate fan that I am, I would drizzle peanut butter over the top. :)

  18. How many brownies does this make?

  19. My seven year old has been begging me to bake some Oreo brownies. Can’t wait to try these! This is the homemade recipe we use in my house. It is delicious! Like store bought but better😀  Www.confessionsofaconfectionista.com/2013/07/my-favorite-brownies.html?m=1.   

  20. Yummy sounding brownies!! For anyone using a glass pan, I recommend following the box recommendation of 350 and not 325. Mine have been in the oven at 325 for over an hour and still aren’t done…

  21. Is it possible to just make a small 8×8 pan with one box of brownies? (Eating leftover Oreos wouldn’t be a problem either)

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