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Okay… so I know I really shouldn’t be posting this recipe on the 2nd day of the New Year, but I couldn’t resist. These cookies are SO good, you have to try them! Everyone you know will be begging for the recipe. Trust me, they are that good! They are super soft and chewy…just the way a chocolate chip cookie should be. Want to know the secret ingredient? Vanilla pudding! These really are the best chocolate chip cookies out there. You have to try them!

World’s BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies

adapted from Two Peas and Their Pod

World’s BEST chocolate chip cookies


  • 1 cup salted butter (softened)
  • 3/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 3.4 oz package vanilla instant pudding mix
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2 1/4 cups flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips


  1. Preheat oven to 350. Cream together butter and sugar. Add pudding mix and vanilla. Beat in one egg at a time. In a separate bowl, mix together, flour, and baking soda. Combine dry ingredients with wet ingredients. Stir in the chocolate chips until combined.
  2. Spoon cookie dough onto baking sheet. Bake for 8-10 minutes.
  3. Enjoy with a cold glass of milk!


Mmm… I love cookies! Enjoy!

Happy Monday!!

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49 Responses to “World’s BEST chocolate chip cookies”

  1. Nina

    oops, my comment was on the wrong post…anyway, not only am I going to make these, I am pinning them right now! :)

      • Regina

        Linda, what a wonderful proecjt. I really LOVE your fabric choice. I also love the bamboo rods and the creativity you used in figuring out how to hang them. I also really like the side panels in the bottom two pictures. Very nice touches. Thank you for sharing on the boardwalk Bragfest!

  2. Callie

    I’ve been making these cookies as my go-to choc chip recipe for many years. The only difference for me is that I double the vanilla. Love your blog!

  3. Tanya Phillips

    hmmm… I have a recipe with pudding that I haven’t tried yet, wonder if it’s the same, I will have to try them out. I will be kicking myself if these are really awesome and I’ve just been sitting on it, lol. Happy new year!

  4. Lizy b

    Oh these look delish! I think I need to make these with the munchkins today. Perfect for going back to school tomorrow!

  5. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

    Oh my goodness, I ate way too many cookies over the holidays, but I couldn’t resist pinning this. I’ll definitely need to give them a try after a few weeks back in the gym!

  6. Alison R

    This is my go-to choc cookie recipe as well. The vanilla pudding totally makes it soft. Your cookies are so perfectly round. Mine always end up like lumps, but still taste awesome! What’s your secret?

    • Jamielyn

      It totally makes them super soft… YUMMY! I use a cookie scoop from pampered chef…shh don’t tell. ;) It’s one of my favorite kitchen gadgets!

      • Doroty

        i also made this cookies and it was super delicious!!:) It was my first good cookies, so thank you for the recepie! I am a Hungarian blog writer and I really love your site! I made a post about this recepie, i hope you don’t mind. Of course i linked your site at the end of the post!:)

  7. Cherie

    Thanks for making the receipe easy to print!! You make my life soooo simple!! And your blog always brings a smile to my face!! Thanks!!

  8. Tracy

    Thanks for sharing this recipe! It was perfect timing… I was looking for a soft cookie recipe to make for a thank-you gift! They turned out perfectly:)

  9. sandie reese

    My daughter and I made these today. They are in the oven right now. Followed the recipe exactly except I did half semi sweet and half milk chocolate chips instead. Can’t wait to try them!

  10. Erica J

    vanilla pudding make recipes better. it’s like that cinnamon roll recipe you posted last year. best cinnamon rolls i’ve ever made so i believe you about these cookies.

  11. kelly

    ok, these really are THE BEST! My 4 kids say they like this one over the other one I had pinned and this recipe is now in my “tried and true” recipe board. YUM! Thanks for the recipe. =0) Every one does think their’s is the best, but these really are. lol!

  12. Shannon A

    Yum, my 4 yr old daughter and I made these today and YUM! I used a mix of dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate chips because I only had a little of each. Super good. Thanks

  13. Becca

    Thank you for sharing this recipe. I have made these now several times which is not helping my waistline any but it sure has made my husband and kids very happy :) I used sugar free pudding mix and they still turned out fantastic and I also used mini chocolate chips which are our favorite.

    Thanks again.

  14. Tonya

    WOW!!!! These are sooooo yummy! You were right! Everybody loves them. Thanks “Snow” much for sharing!


  15. Lindsay

    Just had to let you know I made these for a church activity and they were a hit! So moist and yummy! I want to make them again ASAP !

  16. Kerridwen Niner

    I have these in the oven right now. Well the first two batches anyway. I took it by flour you mean’t plain flour (that’s what i’ve used anyway, and the second lot of sugar i used golden caster as i figured that would work?) Anyway time will tell. My son is happy that they are chocolate chip rather than anything nutty, coconutty, fruity lol

  17. Sumer

    seriously look sooooo yummy…. just put a double batch in the fridge to firm up for freezing later. ;) fresh baked cookies and cold milk for our night snack tonight. :)

  18. Just Jinny

    Everyone loves when I make these chocolate chip cookies! I’ve tried to keep the ‘secret’ of the pudding close to my chest…lol. But nothing is really secret now-a-days. I’ve been meaning to bake a batch to introduce myself to the new across the street neighbors.

  19. Jess Armstrong

    found this recipe on pinterest and made them immediately….they ARE the best!

  20. Shauna

    Love the cookies and love the milk bottle. Can you tell me where I can get those type of milk bottles from?

  21. Jasmine

    I am so glad I found this recipe.! I saw one similar to this but realized I didn’t have any corn starch to make the other recipe! But I really wanted to try it with the vanilla pudding and I found this recipe! Thank you js much for posting this(:

  22. Frances

    This recipe is absolutely amazing! I followed it to a tee and they turned out exactly the way Chocolate Chip Cookies should be – sinfully sweet, chewy, and delicious. The vanilla pudding mix is definitely the secret here. Simply a perfect recipe. THANKS! <3

    • Jamielyn

      I’m so glad you liked this recipe Frances! It is definitely our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe! Thanks for stopping back to leave a comment!! :)

  23. Angela

    Heyyy im in love with your page <3 i wanna make them so bad <3
    Anyways, is the vanilla pudding (jello) a must? I live in HongKong and they dont sell them at super markets here :c I really really wanna make these cookies thou :/

    • Jamielyn

      Hi Angela! The vanilla pudding gives them the soft texture that makes them so delicious! I’ve never tried them without it, but it would definitely change the recipe!