Dessert Crescent Rolls


Do you ever find yourself craving dessert late at night but don’t feel like baking up a storm? I do #allthetime! I know, I know… probably not the best to be eating desserts late at night, but it’s one of my favorite things! These dessert crescent rolls are the PERFECT treat and are easy to whip up! :)

Peanut butter and nutella dessert crescent rolls ...such an easy and yummy treat!

I made these chocolate dessert crescent rolls (say that 5 times fast-ha) yesterday and they were such a yummy treat. The boys loved them and were begging for seconds. These were seriously very easy to make and it’s the perfect treat to let your kids help out with.

With this recipe you can have a yummy dessert prepared and cooked in 15 minutes. That’s my kind of dessert! ;)


Dessert Crescent Rolls


  • 1 8oz package Pillsbury Crescent original dinner rolls
  • 8 TB nutella
  • 8 TB peanut butter
  • 1 symphony bar (optional)


Lay out your crescent rolls on a cookie sheet. Spread a light coat of peanut butter on the rolls. Then spread the nutella on top and lay one square of chocolate on the edge. Roll up your crescent and bake at 350 for 8 minutes.

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Peanut butter and nutella dessert crescent rolls ...such an easy and yummy treat!


You can also top these with a little powdered sugar. Enjoy your chocolate crescent rolls!

I’m curious… have you made these before? What did you put in yours?

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11 comments on “Dessert Crescent Rolls”

  1. We always make them just using the Nutella and sprinkle them with powdered sugar when they are done. Everyone LOVES them in our house. As my boys get bigger though, it is getting harder and harder for me to only make one batch of them…. Much less one batch of anything! I’m going to be cooking massive amounts of food when they hit their teen years!

  2. Omg that looks so good.

  3. These might just be my new addiction! So yummy!

  4. We put a few chocolate chips and a spoon full of raspberry jam and have them for breakfast.

  5. I must admit I had my doubts about this recipe.. However, I ended up using the Hershey’s version version of Nutella…Although when I got it home.. I noticed it was just plain Hershey’s chocolate. I made just the one batch, OMG

  6. Just made these. I am a big fan of chocolate, banana, and peanut butter together, so I added banana slices. I also added some toffee bits. Holy moly is that good!

  7. can you use can chocolate icing instead of the nutella ?are just some melted chocolate
    ?We dont’ really like the nutella, on the dessert crescent rolls

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