Slow Cooker Chicken Salad

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    Slow cooker chicken salad is a delicious make-ahead recipe that is perfect for lunches and potlucks. Made with some of the classic chicken salad ingredients but with a new spin!

    This is one of my favorite easy lunch ideas. It’s quick, delicious and the slow cooker does all of the work for you! Some of my other top picks are egg salad sandwiches, chicken caesar wraps, grilled caprese sandwiches or a flatbread pesto pizza.

    shredded chicken salad on a piece of bread on a white plate

    I have to say that chicken salad is one of my all-time favorite lunch recipes and today I am making it even easier by cooking the chicken in the slow cooker! It’s great to eat on all week for lunches or to make little sliders for potlucks.

    I love chicken salad because of all the different textures you get. It’s creamy, crunchy, sweet, tangy, and just darn delicious. If making the classic chicken salad intimidates you, then this is an easy recipe to try. Cooking the meat in the slow cooker not only makes it tender and juicy, but it can easily be prepared.

    I added some of my favorite ingredients like grapes, pecans, mayo, and fresh dill to finish the recipe. Dill is a very strong herb, so if you are not a fan, you can leave it out. But I love the flavor it gives this recipe. So yummy!

    raw chicken breasts in a crockpot with diced onions, celery and chicken stock on top


    • Chicken breasts: About 2 pounds that are boneless and skinless.
    • Mayonnaise: I only used mayo, but a mixture of mayo + Greek yogurt works too.
    • Chicken stock: This keeps the chicken moist and flavorful. Look for low-sodium stock.
    • Fruit & veggies: I like to add in diced yellow onion, celery and red seedless grapes.
    • Nuts: Pecans are my favorite, but walnuts, cashews or almonds taste great too.
    • Seasoning: I always add in fresh dill for more flavor. Make sure to also S&P to taste.
    • Extras: Feel free to add in extras like diced apples, dried cranberries, green onions, garlic powder, onion powder and more.

    What’s the best way to shred chicken?

    Fork method

    The most common way to shred chicken is by using 2 forks. Simply stick one fork in the breast and use the other fork to pull the meat away. Do this until all of the chicken is shredded.

    Mixer method

    This is one of my favorite cooking hacks! It’s SO simple and quick. I love to use a hand mixer to easily shred the meat. You could also put it into a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment. Then turn it to low and mix until shredded. It makes perfectly shredded chicken every time!

    shredded chicken salad in slow cooker

    How to make chicken salad in the crockpot

    Step 1: Cook meat in crockpot 

    Add two pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breasts to the bottom of your crockpot with chopped celery and onion. Pour about 1/2 cup of low-sodium stock on top and cook on low for 3 to 4 hours, until meat is cooked through and tender.

    Step 2: Shred chicken 

    Shred the meat (check out my favorite methods above). Let cool completely at room temperature.

    Step 3: Mix in remaining ingredients

    Add shredded chicken to a bowl and mix in mayo, grapes, pecans, salt, pepper and dill.

    Step 4: Serve and enjoy! 

    Serve on a croissant, piece of bread, crackers or lettuce wrap. Add any other desired toppings such as lettuce or tomato. Enjoy!

    shredded chicken salad in a white bowl with fresh dill on top

    Serving tips

    There are plenty of ways to serve this shredded chicken salad! I just love how versatile it is. Check out some yummy options below:

    • Sandwich: Serve on toasted bread, croissant or french bread.
    • Wrap: Use a tortilla or pita pocket to make a wrap.
    • Lettuce cup: Add on top of a romaine lettuce cup for a healthier option.
    • Sliders: Make mini sliders using potato rolls or Hawaiian rolls.
    • Crackers: Use a knife to spread on top of crackers.
    • Greens: Place spring mix in a bowl and top with chicken salad and any other preferred salad toppings.


    This recipe does make a big bowl, so you’ll likely have leftovers unless you’re feeding a large crowd. You can put it in the refrigerator and eat on it all week for lunch. It will keep in the fridge for about 3-5 days if stored in an airtight container.

    shredded chicken salad on a piece of bread topped with fresh dill

    More slow cooker chicken recipes:

    Slow Cooker Chicken Salad is so delicious and easy to make! Perfect for lunches all week!

    Shredded Chicken Salad Recipe

    Course: Salad
    Cuisine: American
    Keyword: slow cooker chicken salad
    Prep Time: 10 minutes
    Cook Time: 4 hours
    Total Time: 4 hours 10 minutes
    Servings: 8
    Calories: 476
    Author: Jamielyn Nye
    Slow cooker chicken salad is a delicious make-ahead recipe that is perfect for lunches and potlucks. Made with some of the classic chicken salad ingredients but with a new spin!


    • 2 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breasts
    • 1/2 cup yellow onion , diced
    • 1/2 cup celery , diced
    • 1/2 cup low-sodium chicken stock
    • 1 1/2 cups mayonnaise
    • 1/2 cup red seedless grapes , quartered
    • 1/2 cup chopped pecans
    • 1/4 teaspoon salt
    • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
    • fresh dill , optional

    Optional add-ins: Diced apple, dried cranberries, walnuts, cashews, almonds, green onion

      For Serving: Bread, croissant, tortilla, pita, lettuce cup, crackers, roll, spring mix


        • Combine chicken, onion, celery and stock in the bottom of a large slow cooker.  Cook on low for 3 to 4 hours, or until chicken is cooked through and tender.
        • Shred the chicken and allow to cool to room temperature.
        • Place cooled chicken in a large bowl and mix in mayonnaise, grapes, pecans, salt, pepper, and dill.
        • Serve on a croissant, piece of bread, crackers or lettuce wrap. Enjoy!


        • This recipe should make 8 regular size sandwiches and 16 mini sandwiches.
        • Cooking hack! To quickly and easily shred chicken, use a hand mixer. Or put the meat into a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment. Then turn to low and mix until shredded.
        • To store: Keep in fridge in an airtight container for 3-5 days. 


        Calories: 476kcal | Carbohydrates: 4g | Protein: 26g | Fat: 39g | Saturated Fat: 6g | Cholesterol: 90mg | Sodium: 481mg | Potassium: 518mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 3g | Vitamin A: 90IU | Vitamin C: 2.6mg | Calcium: 19mg | Iron: 0.7mg

        Originally written by Katie from The Casual Craftlete.

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