Thanksgiving Punch for a Crowd


Thanksgiving Punch for a Crowd …this easy, fall beverage favorite will be a delicious option this Thanksgiving when entertaining your family and friends!

Thanksgiving Punch for a Crowd ...this easy, fall beverage favorite will be a delicious option this Thanksgiving when entertaining your family and friends!
Enjoy all the best flavors of autumn with this amazing, delicious drink!

Hey all! Jessica from Fantabulosity here again, to share a fun Thanksgiving punch that my friends and I created the other day in our “test kitchen.” (Better known as, the kitchen in our house that becomes a test kitchen when we get to creating.) ;)


Thanksgiving Punch for a Crowd... gathering the ingredients

Thanksgiving Punch for a Crowd

The above ingredients were the final ingredients we nailed down, when experimenting. (Minus sliced apples for garnish of course.)

The beauty behind this recipe, is that you can play with the ingredients, to reach a level of flavor that you prefer, but I’ll make sure to include our favorite measurements below.

Thanksgiving Punch for a Crowd ... enjoy all the best flavors of autumn with this amazing, delicious drink!

If you’re serving this Thanksgiving punch at home, or in a location where you can “play,” you can have a LOT of fun, dressing up the beverage station. Consider filling the beverage space with:

• Sliced apples (as a garnish, in the punch)

• Cinnamon sticks (as a garnish/drink stirrer)

• Drink dispenser, or fun pitcher

• Whole apples, for decor, staggered around outside of the drink dispenser

• Fall color-coordinated napkins/towels/tablecloth

• Peck/Bushel baskets to hold drink accessories

• Mason jars, milk bottles, or any fun/stylish glasses

Thanksgiving Punch with apples and cinnamon garnish

What I also love about this punch, is that it can be served in 3 different ways!

• Room temperature, over ice

• Chilled in the refrigerator ahead of time

• Warm, and served in a crock pot

No matter which way you choose to serve this punch, remember to stir often, to keep the flavors blended.

Fun Tip:

Serve your Thanksgiving punch with an adorable drink stirrer.  Not only does it add a bit of pizzazz, but it encourages your guests to remember to stir it before each sip, enjoying all of the flavors of this punch.

Thanksgiving Punch for a Crowd... enjoy all the best flavors of autumn with this amazing, delicious drink!

Thanksgiving Punch


(To fit a 2-gallon drink dispenser)

  • 2 Gallons Apple Cider, not spiced
  • 1 12.2 oz. bottle caramel syrup
  • 1 Tbsp. Pumpkin Pie Spice
  • Cinnamon Sticks (optional)
  • Sliced Apples (optional)


Pour all but 1/4 of the 2 gallons of Apple Cider, right in to a drink dispenser

Pour entire bottle of caramel syrup

Stir in pumpkin spice, using a whisk. (Some of the spice may continue to float to the top)

Serve chilled, room temperature, or warm.

Stir occasionally to keep the flavors equally distributed.

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Thanksgiving Punch Recipe... enjoy all the best flavors of autumn with this amazing, delicious drink!

I so hope you enjoy this Thanksgiving punch recipe!  There’s just something about Fall, and consuming the flavors of pumpkin, spice, and everything nice!

Thanks, Jessica!

Thanksgiving Punch for a Crowd ...this easy, fall beverage favorite will be a delicious option this Thanksgiving when entertaining your family and friends!

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35 comments on “Thanksgiving Punch for a Crowd”

  1. Thank you for this post. It is perfect for the perfect holidays.

  2. Just been with you for a day- fun … shared with my Dutch oven group!

  3. I was reading your thanksgiving punch recipe and noticed it called for Carmel syrup which typically has milk product in it. Do you have any suggestions for sweetening this punch with some besides Carmel or something containing milk (whey or caesin)? Agave?

    Thank you in advanced.

    Best Regards,


    • I’ve seen Caramel Syrup by the coffee/Italian soda syrups without milk products, and Agave would be a great addition!

  4. Do you use sugar free or regular carmel syrup? The picture shows sugar free, but the recipe doesn’t specify.

  5. Where did you get the little wooden stirrers?

  6. Made this for a huge Thanksgiving dinner we hold at our parish and EVERYONE loved it……so much that I made it again the next night for another large group and again received raves about it. And so easy too!

  7. I can only find Salted Caramel syrup. I have gone to 3 different stores. Is there something else that I could use. I don’t want it to be salty.

    • We had someone else use agave and they enjoyed it! Or you could add some maple syrup – I’d only add half of what you would have used for the caramel syrup and taste it and adjust from there. :)

  8. Can you make it the night before?
    Thank you! 

  9. Instead of using pumpkin pie spice and having to stir it constantly, get a piece of cheesecloth. Place cinnamon sticks, a few cloves, and a piece of fresh ginger in the cloth and tie it shut. Heat up 1/4 gallon of the cider and toss in the bag of spices. Simmer for 20 mins and then let cool. Toss the spice bundle and add the spiced cider to the rest of the cider. Flavorful without having to stir all night.

  10. Hey girl!
    So I’m reading through your comments and not getting the info I’m looking for.. Looks like I’m going to be “that girl” who asks..!
    I’m looking to make this for an “adult party”, if you see what I’m getting at….. If not – what kind of booze do you think would be awesome in this recipe?!
    Had to be the one, I know someone else was thinkin’ the same! This recipe sounds BOMB and I am in full-blown Autumn season feels right now :)

    • Hi Jillian! I actually don’t drink alcohol so I’m not the person to ask! But I have seen lots of other spiked apple cider recipes out there made with whiskey, bourbon, or rum.

  11. For the commenter asking about spiking this punch. I would think caramel flavored vodka would be ideal. 

  12. HI Jessica! I’m wondering if it would work to sub half of the apple cider with sparkling cider to make it bubbly? Or would you have to add something else like Sprite to cut down the sweetness? I’m looking to serve it to a large group of women, and I’d love to serve something festive like this with a little bubble! Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thank you!!


  13. For a spiked version, I would use either a cinnamon whiskey or a honey whisky :) Id also not add it directly as some people prefer more or less, plus you dont run the risk of someone who is not supposed to be drinking alcohol, ie kids, getting a hold of it ;)

  14. How many people does this serve?

  15. I would like to make this for Thanksgiving this year and was wondering if I could sub caramel ice cream topping for the Torani’s?

  16. I made this in a crockpot and served it warm. I made a cider bar and let people spike it with either rum, whiskey or Carmel flavored vodka. I also used put out cinnamon sti sticks to stir and Carmel cubes to drop in. BIG hit as an after dinner drink after thanksgiving 😉

  17. For everyone who has made this, did you serve hot, cold, room temp/over ice? I’m making this for thanksgiving and wanted yalls opinions on which way you liked it. Thanks!!!

  18. How long will this keep in fridge??

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