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One of my FAVORITE desserts is apple’s & snickers “salad.” Have you tried it? It’s just 3 simple ingredients: apples, snickers and cool whip. Amazing right? Well I decided to take that simple dessert a little further and make a snicker caramel apple pie! WOWZA! It was quite delicious if I do say so myself. :) This is the perfect dessert to end summer and start the beginning of fall.

Snicker caramel apple pie {YUMMY}


  • 1 pie crust
  • 3 green apples diced
  • 1/4 cup caramel ice cream topping
  • 15-20 mini snickers chopped
  • 2 1/2 cup COOL WHIP whipped topping softened
  • 1/4 cup sweetened condensed milk
  • 4 oz softened, cream cheese (could also substitute with one small packet of pudding)


  1. Spread snickers on bottom of pie crust. Next layer the apples next. Then drizzle caramel on top.
  2. Combine cool whip, cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk together in a small bowl and spread on top. (Side Note: I made this again and mixed the COOL WHIP, condensed milk and cream cheese in a bowl and then added the apples and snickers into that. Then I put it all in the pie crust).
  3. Drizzle with caramel and a few snickers. Place in refrigerator for at least 4 hours. Take out about 5 minutes before serving and top with fresh apple slices. Enjoy!
  4. **notes: this pie is best on the first day! if you want to keep the apples from browning, you can put a little lemon juice on them.

Snicker caramel apple pie


Slice your apples…

Layer the snickers…

Add the whipped topping…

Add a little more snickers & caramel… AND enjoy! :)

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41 Responses to “Snicker caramel apple pie”

  1. Cranberry Morning

    Oh yeah, that looks scrumptious! And I love that as a salad! Check out my Caramel Apple Cheesecake recipe – posted yesterday. ‘Great minds…’, as they say… :-)

  2. Debbie

    I love snickers caramel apple salad and was excited to see this pie recipe. How easy and delicious!!!

  3. Amy @ the Happy Tulip

    Yum! I’ll have to add this to my list of “must makes”. I have almost 50 pounds of apples from my sister’s tree. Need to use them up and this would be a sweet way of doing just that. :)

  4. Shirley

    Oh my goodness, does that ever sound good! My hubby loves to bake and make delicious desserts on his day off! I will definitely be showing this too him and begging him to whip it up for us! It almost looks to pretty to eat though!!


  5. Carissa

    This is my kind of fall dessert. You have so many great ideas! Thanks for the inspiration. I came over from Lil Luna link up and I’m definitely a new follower of your blog!

  6. Trayc Cleveland

    Ok, I’m back! If you are looking for a from scratch pie, this is not it. What it is though, is quick and easy, oh so sweet, alittle salty, and a tad tart! A great dessert for a simple Got To Have Sweet Attack! Jury’s still out if I will make it again. Love your pins, Thank you!

  7. tammy

    I made this n it was tasty…the only thing is the whipped toppun for some reason didnt set to thicken it was kind of runny so it turned more into just like a creamy salad I dont know what I did. I dont bake or anything like this often

    • Jamielyn

      Hi Tammy! Glad you enjoyed it. I find it tastes best about 15 minutes after I pull it out of the fridge. If I let it sit too long it will get runny. Hope that helps.

  8. Mel

    I just made these in cupcakes… I used a homemade graham cracker crust – squished into each little cup- and then spooned the yummieness in! I also stuck them in the freezer to help set- for about 2 hours, then the fridge until I was ready to serve

  9. Sandy

    I made this over the weekend and the topping was a little too much and ran out of my pie shell and was a little runny even after refrigerating it for 5 hours. It was still awesome but became more like pudding instead of pie.

  10. Janenne

    I made this tonight and was not impressed. I felt like we were eating a mouth full of apple and snicker. ?!?
    Fam was not impressed either.

    • Jamielyn

      I’m sorry you didn’t like it Janenne. If you aren’t a fan of Snickers apple salad, you probably wouldn’t like this either since that is basically what it is snickers, apple, and cream in a pie crust.

    • kari

      Well that’s what it is essentially! A mouth full of apples and snickers. I don’t know what else was expected…
      Anyways, I made this today and LOVED it! So tasty!

  11. Denise

    Try adding a small pkg vanilla instant pudding to the cool whip. That’s how have always made “Snickers Salad”. It will help thicken it up and puts the favors over the top.

  12. Casey

    I made this two weeks ago. And, like a lot of readers, mine was runny, but I have NOT stopped thinking about that snickery, chocolatey, caramely, appley goodness. I finally get to make it again tomorrow. I am hyped :) thanks for the delicious idea!

    • Jamielyn

      I’m so glad you liked it Casey!! Mine has never been runny, but I have seen tried it when someone else made it and it was runny! Either way, it is delicious! :)