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Healthy Smoothie Recipes

The BEST healthy smoothie recipes that are quick, easy and full of nutrients! These delicious drinks are the perfect way to pack in lots of fresh fruits and veggies.

Collage of healthy smoothies.
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Easy Smoothie Recipes

I’m trying to eat healthier this year and smoothies have been my go-to for a quick and nutritious breakfast. When meal prepping each week, I love to make smoothie bags to stick in the freezer for an easy grab-and-go option. If you’re on the hunt for other healthy recipes, make sure to check out my healthy snack ideas and healthy dinners too!

I absolutely love smoothies and drink one every morning! They are quick, easy and the perfect way to pack in lots of fruits and veggies. Of course I have my favorite go-to’s, but it’s definitely nice to switch it up a bit. With this list of healthy smoothie recipes, you’ll never get bored!

Strawberry banana smoothie ingredients in a blender.

Best Blender to Use

If you make a lot of smoothies, I’d recommend getting a higher quality blender. It’s worth the investment and honestly…you’ll never look back! They will turn out so creamy and have the best consistency. Especially if you’re adding in lots of rough fruits and veggies.

The Blendtec (above) is my all-time favorite blender! I’ve had it for years and it’s held up great. Plus the quality is amazing and it blends up smoothies (and other recipes like soups, sauces and ice cream) so nicely.

One of my favorite things about the Blendtec is that it comes with a large blender base, as well as a twister jar. I typically use the large blender when I’m making smoothies for my family, since it’s bigger and can hold more volume.

The twister jar is perfect for making individual-sized smoothies. It’s smaller in size and is super easy to clean. I love that it makes just the right amount every time. Sometimes when I use the larger blender, my eyes get big and I end up making too much. The twister jar helps with portion control! I also just recently purchased this Ninja Nutri blender below. It makes the perfect single sized smoothies that are super creamy and delicious.

Making single serve smoothie in Ninja blender.

Favorite Protein Powder for Smoothies

Smoothies are the perfect way to pack in extra protein. I love adding a scoop to mine so that I stay fuller for longer. It took me awhile to find a protein powder that had the right texture, taste and didn’t upset my stomach. If you don’t normally add it to your smoothies, I’d recommend starting with 1/2 scoop and then increase to a full scoop once you’re sure that you like the taste and know it agrees with your stomach.

  • Clean Simple Eats Vanilla is my absolute favorite type. I also have the chocolate version too.
  • PEScience is another good option that you can buy on Amazon.
  • Cotsco is another great place to get protein powders for a cheaper price.
  • Other protein powders that I’ve used and liked are HIGH Protein, Ideal Lean and Your Super (this one is plant based).

TIP: There are lots of other ways to add more protein to your smoothies! Try adding in a scoop of collagen, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, nut butter, egg whites, flaxseed or chia seeds.

Protein powder in basket on counter.

Prepping in Advance

One of my favorite things to do when meal prepping is to make smoothie bags. I just portion out the fruit and veggies and place in zip top bags in the freezer. Then when I’m ready to make one, all I need to do is add the other ingredients like milk or yogurt. So easy and the best way to set yourself up for success! I always have a couple of these bags stocked in my freezer for busy mornings.

Smoothie prep bags on counter.

Best Healthy Smoothies

This list includes green smoothies recipes, breakfast smoothies, protein smoothies, veggie smoothies, fruit smoothie recipes and more. No matter what kind you’re searching for…you’re bound to find it here. :)

strawberry banana smoothie
Strawberry Banana Smoothie
This healthy strawberry banana smoothie is the perfect way to welcome the new year! It only takes 5 ingredients and 5 minutes to make. It's the perfect drink to curb those sweet cravings! 
Total Time: 5 minutes
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best green smoothie
Best Green Smoothie Recipe
The best green smoothie recipe is a nutrient-packed blend of fruits and vegetables! It’s healthy, vibrant and easy to make with only 4 ingredients in 5 minutes.
Total Time: 5 minutes
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Pineapple smoothie in glass cup with pineapple slice.
Pineapple Smoothie
This healthy pineapple smoothie is creamy, refreshing and tastes downright tropical. It's easy to make in only 5 minutes with 5 ingredients and is perfect for breakfast, snack, or anytime you crave something sweet and fruity!
Total Time: 5 minutes
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watermelon smoothie in glass cups
Watermelon Smoothie Recipe
This watermelon smoothie is the perfect drink on a hot summer day! It's cold, creamy, naturally sweet and super refreshing. It has the perfect amount of watermelon flavor.
Total Time: 5 minutes
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protein smoothie in glass
Protein Smoothie Recipe
This healthy berry protein smoothie takes only 5 minutes to make with 6 simple ingredients. It's packed full of protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and tastes so delicious! 
Total Time: 5 minutes
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avocado smoothie
Avocado Smoothie
Thick, creamy and absolutely delicious avocado smoothie that only takes 5 ingredients and 5 minutes to make. The perfect springtime smoothie that's fresh and full of flavor!
Total Time: 5 minutes
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Cinnamon smoothie with cinnamon rolls.
Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Smoothie
Incredibly healthy and delicious, this quick cinnamon roll breakfast smoothie is the perfect breakfast to start off the day!
Total Time: 5 minutes
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peanut butter banana smoothie
Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie
This thick and creamy peanut butter banana smoothie is a family favorite! Tastes like a milkshake, but much better for you!  
Total Time: 5 minutes
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Kale smoothie in a glass cup.
Kale Smoothie Recipe
This kale smoothie is easy to make for breakfast with banana, kale, Greek yogurt and berries! It's a delicious high protein smoothie with amazing taste.
Total Time: 5 minutes
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smoothie bowl topped with fresh fruit and granola
Smoothie bowl recipe
This smoothie bowl is one of my favorites! It is a great way to start your day, or finish it!
Total Time: 10 minutes
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Easy Mango Smoothie Bowl - A refreshing and healthy breakfast option.
Easy Mango Smoothie Bowl
This easy mango smoothie bowl is a refreshing and healthy breakfast option that will make you feel like you're on a tropical island! Top it with a few extra mango chunks, some delicious almonds or perhaps some chia seeds and you have a tropical, protein packed bowl of deliciousness.
Total Time: 10 minutes
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close up of acai smoothie in jar
Acai Smoothie
This acai smoothie is easy to make with a mix of acai juice, berries and banana. It's a delicious blend of healthy nutrients that adds a boost to your morning or afternoon!
Total Time: 5 minutes
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acai smoothie in bowl with fruit and toppings
Acai Berry Bowl
This healthy acai berry bowl is a sweet and simple way to combine fresh juice and your favorite frozen fruits. A thick creamy smoothie bowl ready to be customized with all the best toppings is a quick and easy breakfast, perfect for adults and kids alike!
Total Time: 5 minutes
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Pina Colada Smoothie
This pina colada smoothie is a tropical mix of frozen pineapple and coconut milk blended into a refreshing drink! Made with 3 simple ingredients, this healthy smoothie recipe is a creamy, cool and satisfying way to begin the day.
Total Time: 5 minutes
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Peach smoothie in cup with straw.
Peach Smoothie
A thick, creamy, refreshing peach smoothie is perfect for summer sipping! It's made with just 4 simple and flexible ingredients, including Greek yogurt, and frozen fruit, then sweetened with a bit of honey!
Total Time: 5 minutes
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Favorite Smoothie Toppings

Don’t forget the toppings! All of these smoothie recipes taste delicious as-is, but adding on extra toppings really takes them up a notch. Below are some of my absolute favorite toppings.

  • Granola
  • Shredded coconut or coconut flakes
  • More fresh fruit slices
  • Nuts
  • A drizzle of nut butter
  • Chia seeds
  • A drizzle of honey
  • Hemp seeds
  • Sprinkle of cinnamon
  • Cereal
  • Dried fruit

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