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Easy Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe

This easy homemade pizza dough comes together in 60 minutes with only 6 ingredients! It makes the best pizza crust that is chewy and delicious. Perfect for your next pizza night!

Pizza dough balls on counter.
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The Best Pizza Dough Recipe

We love to make homemade pizza recipes together on the weekends. While this easy crust recipe is our favorite, we make it in all different forms. A few of our other go-to’s are french bread pizza, pizza chicken roll-ups, pizza dip and pizza pinwheels.

I’m thrilled to be sharing my go-to pizza dough recipe with you today! It comes together in just 60 minutes from start to finish. The chewy crust has such a great flavor!

This recipe is easy enough for beginners and even the kids love to help roll out the dough and add their favorite toppings. This dough has become a family favorite go-to for pizza night, along with my easy homemade pizza sauce. Both pair great together and taste so fresh! Sometimes we even make fresh breadsticks to serve with it as well. :)

Ingredients for Homemade Pizza Dough

No fancy ingredients are needed to make this simple pizza crust at home!

Pizza dough ingredients on counter.

Find the full printable recipe with specific measurements below.

  • Warm water: You will lukewarm water around 110°F. It should be warm to the touch but not hot.
  • Active dry yeast: This may be labeled active yeast at the store. Instant yeast or rapid yeast may also be used to make pizza dough.
  • Granulated sugar: Feeds your yeast.
  • Olive oil: I like to use extra virgin olive oil.
  • Salt: Adds some flavor to the dough.
  • All-purpose flour: Regular all-purpose flour works the best, but if you like a chewier crust use bread flour.

How to Flavor the Dough

Most of the flavor in pizza comes from the toppings you add to it before baking! If you would like to jazz up the flavor in the crust, though, it’s easy to do!

  • Garlic powder: Add just a dash, around 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder should work.
  • Dried basil or dried oregano: You can add up to a Tablespoon of one or the other or a combination of the two. Use more or less to suit your tastes.
  • Italian seasoning: Add up to a Tablespoon of Italian herbs to flavor the dough.

How to Make Homemade Pizza Dough

Making your own pizza dough at home is easy to do! Just follow these step-by-step instructions.

Showing how to make pizza dough in a 6 step collage.
  • Activate the yeast. Start by proofing the yeast. Simply add 1 cup of warm water (110°F), 1 Tablespoon active dry yeast and 1 Tablespoon granulated sugar in a small bowl. Mix together, then cover with plastic wrap. Let sit until it begins to foam, similar to the left photo below. This usually takes about 5-10 minutes.
  • Mix the dough. Once the yeast mixture has foamed, pour it into a large bowl along with 2 Tablespoons oil and salt. Add 2 cups flour (make sure to measure the flour correctly) and knead by hands or with a dough hook until combined. Then add in more of the flour in 1/4 cup increments and knead until the dough is smooth. Continue kneading dough for about 5 minutes.
  • Let rise. Shape into a ball and rub a little oil around the dough. Place into a bowl and cover with saran wrap. Let rise for about 20 to 60 minutes. It doesn’t need to rise that much, you just want it to puff up a bit.
  • Roll the dough. Once your dough has puffed up, it’s time to roll it out. I like to roll mine out about 1/4″ thick on a pizza stone. You could make it a little thinner or thicker based on preference, however just know that the cooking time will vary.
  • Spread on the sauce. After your dough is rolled out, you can add the sauce. We usually use a classic tomato-based pizza sauce, but feel free to use white pizza sauce or even pesto. All would taste delicious!
  • Add toppings. Then it’s time to add your favorite toppings! My kids love plain cheese or pepperoni. However, I love topping mine with burrata cheese, fresh sliced tomatoes, jalapenos and arugula. Yum!
Pizza dough in a clear bowl

Expert Tips

You may wonder if there are any secrets to making this easy pizza dough recipe! Here are some tips to consider:

  • Choose the right flour and use a high-quality yeast.
  • Don’t overwork the dough. Kneading your dough too much can result in a tough crust. Mix the ingredients just until they come together, and then let the dough rest for a few minutes before shaping.
  • A slow rise can help develop the flavors and texture of your dough. You can refrigerate this dough up to 12 hours if desired.
  • Use high heat: A hot oven is key to achieving a crispy crust. Preheat your oven to at least 450°F (230°C), and use a pizza stone or steel to help evenly distribute the heat.

Recipes using Homemade Pizza Dough

There are so many uses for this best homemade pizza dough recipe! You can load it with your favorite pizza toppings or here are a few of our favorite pizza recipes:

Rolling pizza dough on counter.


What is the best flour to use?

I use all-purpose flour to make this easy crust recipe. No fancy flours like bread flour or 00 flour needed! However for a classic Neapolitan-style pizza, use “00” flour or a blend of “00” and all-purpose flour.

How long should pizza dough rise?

I typically let mine rise anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. You want it to puff up a bit, but it doesn’t need to rise all that much. If you want to do a slow rise, cover the bowl and place in the refrigerator overnight.

If you’re looking for a pizza dough recipe with no rising time, check out my easy no yeast pizza dough.

What’s the best way to stretch pizza dough?

I like to roll out my dough with a rolling pin on a floured surface, however you can toss it as well. Once rolled or tossed, it should be about 12 inches wide and 1/4-inch thick.

Should I cook the pizza before adding toppings?

No need to precook the dough prior to adding the toppings! Simply roll it out, add sauce, your toppings of choice and then bake for 15 to 20 minutes.

Pizza baked on a pizza stone.


Storage: Since this recipe makes two pizzas, you may ask ‘how long does pizza dough last in your fridge’, which is a great question! You can store the dough after it has fully risen, covered, in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 days. Allow room for the dough to expand as it will continue to rise.

Freeze: Yes, you can freeze pizza dough! Let the dough fully rise (at least an hour) before dividing into 2 or 4 balls. Wrap it in plastic wrap and seal in a zip-top bag. Freeze up to 3 months any longer than that and the yeast starts to break down. Thaw overnight in the fridge before baking. 

Love to make homemade dough from scratch? Try this empanada dough recipe, whole wheat pizza dough or all butter pie crust!

More Pizza Recipes

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Pizza Dough Recipe

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Author: Jamielyn Nye
This easy homemade pizza dough makes the best pizza crust with only 6 ingredients! Load it up with toppings then bake it until it's nice and crispy on the outside, it's perfect for your next pizza night with the family!
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Rise Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 20 minutes
Servings: 12 (Makes 2 12-inch pizzas)



  • 1 cup warm water (110°F)
  • 1 Tablespoon active dry yeast
  • 1 Tablespoon granulated sugar
  • 3 Tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil , divided
  • 1 ½ teaspoons table or fine sea salt
  • 2 ½ – 3 cups all-purpose flour , plus more for the work surface

Optional toppings: Pizza sauce, Shredded or sliced mozzarella, Sliced tomatoes, Fresh basil, Pepperoni, Sliced bell peppers, Olives, Sliced onion, Mushrooms, Canadian bacon, Pineapple, Jalapenos


    • In a small bowl, mix the water, yeast, and sugar. Cover with plastic wrap and let sit 5 minutes, or until it starts to foam.
    • In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the dough hook, add the yeast mixture, 2 Tablespoons oil, and salt. Add 2 cups flour and stir on medium low (or can be done by hand) until combined. Add 1/4 cup more flour at a time and knead until the dough is smooth, soft, and just a little bit sticky, but not to where the dough still sticks to the bowl. Knead about 3 to 5 more minutes. 
    • Roll into a ball and rub a little oil around the dough. Place into a bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Let rest 20 to 60 minutes, or until the dough puffs up a bit. It doesn’t need to rise much.
    • Preheat the oven to 475°F. On a floured work surface, cut the dough in half and roll it out with a rolling pin or toss until 1/4-inch thick and 12-inches wide. Repeat with the other half of dough. You can also make 4 6-inch pizzas. 
    • Lightly brush oil onto a pizza stone or large baking sheet. Transfer dough to the stone or baking sheet. Press dents into the dough using your fingers to prevent bubbling. Spread pizza sauce over the dough and add your favorite toppings.
    • Bake 15 minutes, or until golden brown and bubbly. If baking smaller pizzas, check for doneness around 12 minutes.


    Quantity: This recipe makes 2 12-inch pizza crusts or 4 6-inch crusts.
    No yeast dough: If you’re looking for a pizza dough recipe with no rising time, check out my easy no yeast pizza dough.
    Alternative: Use my whole wheat pizza dough recipe for a healthier alternative. 
    Favorite topping combinations: If you need a little inspiration, here are a few pizza topping ideas. 
    • Canadian bacon, pineapple, jalapeno (optional)
    • Mushroom, green bell peppers, onion, pepperoni
    • Fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, and fresh basil
    Classic pepperoni: Start with 1/2 cup pizza sauce, add 10 to 12 ounces shredded mozzarella and about 20 pepperonis. 
    Storage: Store the dough after it has fully risen, covered, in the refrigerator 1 to 2 days. Allow room for the dough to expand as it will continue to rise.
    Freeze: Let the dough fully rise (at least an hour) before dividing into 2 or 4 balls. Wrap in plastic wrap and seal in a zip-top bag. Freeze up to 3 months. Thaw overnight in the fridge before baking. 


    Serving: 1slice | Calories: 43kcal | Carbohydrates: 3g | Fat: 3g | Sodium: 292mg | Potassium: 3mg | Sugar: 3g

    Nutrition provided is an estimate. It will vary based on specific ingredients used.

    Course: Main Dish
    Cuisine: Italian

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