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25+ Leftover Turkey Recipes

After all your hard work making the perfect turkey, you may wonder “what to make with leftover turkey”. Use one of these leftover turkey recipes to transform it into another meal. Believe it or not, you may like your leftovers more than your Thanksgiving dinner!

Still planning your holiday dinner? This Thanksgiving menu and Christmas menu not only help with the celebratory feast but will provide plenty of turkey leftovers!

A collage of six photos showing recipes to make with leftover turkey.
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Best Leftover Turkey Recipes

Every year after Thanksgiving, we’re always left with lots of leftover roasted turkey or smoked turkey from our Thanksgiving dinner. While we sometimes just heat it up again, it’s also fun to whip up a whole new dish using leftovers.

Turkey is a surprisingly versatile meat. From soups to salads to one-pot meals, there are hundreds of ways to use it. And if you have leftover potatoes, try these mashed potato pancakes as an easy side!

You’ll find lots of options to choose from on this list – most of which are easy, quick and made with simple ingredients. All are so delicious! So take a look at this amazing list and start cooking your favorites today.

Tips for Using Leftover Turkey

  • White vs. dark meat. The turkey breast is considered the white meat, while areas like the wings, legs and thighs are considered to be dark meat. White meat is more lean, however the extra fat on the dark meat makes it a bit more flavorful. Both taste great, so using a mix of each will give you a good balance of flavors.
  • Use the carcass too! It’s not all about the leftover meat. Save your turkey bones and use them to make homemade turkey stock for your leftover turkey soup. You can also use the drippings to make turkey gravy to serve over Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes!
  • Carving. When carving your turkey, slice a few larger pieces from the breast to save for making turkey sandwiches the next day. That way it fits on the bread perfectly in just one slice!
  • Reheating leftover turkey. To reheat turkey in the oven without drying it out add a splash of water or broth and cover your baking dish with aluminum foil. Reheat at a low temp. The foil prevents moisture from escaping and the low temp prevents flavor loss.


What can I do with extra turkey?

Turkey is such a versatile meat, so there are plenty of ways to use it up! We especially love using it to make soups, casseroles, turkey pot pie, salads and sandwiches. It makes a great substitution for shredded chicken in just about any recipe, so the options really are endless!

How long is turkey good leftover in the fridge?

Any leftover cooked turkey will stay fresh in the refrigerator for about 3 to 4 days, which gives you plenty of time to use it up!

How do I make leftover turkey moist again?

If the meat has dried out a bit in the fridge, you can moisten it back up in the oven. Simply add the turkey to a baking dish and pour in a little turkey stock or chicken broth. Then reheat on a lower temperature (about 300°F) until warm.

You want to avoid reheating the turkey using high heat methods like the microwave, as it will likely dry it out even more.

Can I freeze leftover turkey?

Yes! Just remove your turkey from the bones first and if you can freeze it in slices to retain moisture and help thaw evenly. Keep frozen for up to 3 months.

Leftover Turkey Soup Recipe

After the biggest meal of the year, it’s only natural that you may be wondering what to make that isn’t too heavy. Soups make the best use of leftover turkey recipes as well a the perfect light meal to try!

Turkey noodle soup in a white bowl.
  • Leftover Turkey Soup: This is my number one go-to recipe. Made in just one pot.
  • Pot Pie Soup: Perfectly rich and creamy. Easier than making the homemade version from scratch.
  • Noodle Soup: Chicken noodle soup flavors with a turkey twist! Perfect for a chilly winter day.
  • White Chili: Make easier by using turkey instead of chicken. A simple dump-and-go crockpot meal.
  • One-Pot Wild Rice Soup: Toss in your turkey at the end and have soup ready in just 30 minutes.
  • Gnocchi Soup: Such a fantastic flavor profile! Creamy, thick and super hearty.
  • Lemon Orzo Soup: Bright and zesty from the lemon flavor. Made in just 35 minutes.

Hearty Meals with Leftover Turkey

If you have an abundance of meat, try one of these hearty leftover turkey recipes. These are guaranteed to be loved by the entire family, and will stretch your Thanksgiving meal even further.

Leftover turkey tetrazzini being scooped out of dish.

Turkey Salads and Sandwiches

If you are in need of a break from cooking, these salads and sandwiches are some of the best leftover turkey recipes. These recipes can be put together quickly, and in most cases require no (or very little) cooking at all.

fall salad in a white bowl
  • Fall Salad: Perfect after a heavy Thanksgiving meal! Made with fall favorites like apples, roasted butternut squash and cranberries.
  • Turkey Cranberry Sliders: Sweet Hawaiian rolls with leftover turkey, cranberry sauce and melty Swiss cheese for the best turkey sandwich!
  • Club Lettuce Wraps: A light and fresh option. Great for those we are looking for an easy low carb recipe.
  • Avocado Toast: Simple, quick and delicious. Add an egg for even more protein!
  • Sliders: Replace the ham with sliced turkey for a fun twist. My family always begs for this recipe.
  • Winter Salad: A light and healthy salad filled with winter favorites like pomegranates, pecans and butternut squash.
  • Sweet Potato Salad: Impressive and crave worthy! The leftover turkey will taste amazing paired with the roasted sweet potatoes.
  • Buffalo Wrap: Toss the cooked turkey in buffalo sauce, then wrap in a tortilla with your favorite toppings. So delicious!

The Full List of Leftover Turkey Recipes

Click on the links below to find the recipes for all of the delicious leftover turkey recipes mentioned above.

Turkey soup in a white bowl.
Turkey Soup Recipe
Leftover turkey soup made with a rich broth, tender chunks of turkey, fresh vegetables and noodles is the best way to use Thanksgiving leftovers!
Total Time: 45 minutes
Read more
chicken pot pie soup recipe
Chicken Pot Pie Soup
This chicken pot pie soup is creamy, hearty and super delicious with simple ingredients. It has all the flavors of chicken pot pie but is easy to make in one pot and no crust!
Total Time: 50 minutes
Read more
bowl of chicken noodle soup
Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken noodle soup is the perfect comfort soup on a chilly day. Simple to make and full of delicious flavor. It will become an instant favorite!
Total Time: 45 minutes
Read more
Bowl of crockpot white chicken chili.
Crockpot White Chicken Chili
This crockpot white chicken chili recipe is made with tender chicken, beans, flavorful salsa and a creamy base. Takes just 5 minutes of prep and is great for busy weeknights.
Total Time: 3 hours 35 minutes
Read more
Chicken and rice soup in a blue pot.
Chicken and Rice Soup
This easy chicken and rice soup is a comforting and delicious one-pot meal loaded with tender vegetables, chicken and a flavorful broth that the whole family will love! Makes the perfect soup recipe for chilly weather!
Total Time: 30 minutes
Read more
chicken gnocchi soup
Chicken Gnocchi Soup
This homemade chicken gnocchi soup is the perfect comfort food… creamy, hearty and delicious! Only takes one pot and 30 minutes to make. 
Total Time: 30 minutes
Read more
Chicken orzo soup in a black pot.
Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup
This lemon chicken orzo soup is so comforting made with wholesome ingredients including lemon, chicken and healthy vegetables. It's easy to make for a weeknight dinner!
Total Time: 35 minutes
Read more
Turkey tetrazzini on a white plate.
Turkey Tetrazzini recipe
Turkey tetrazzini is a delicious pasta dish with a creamy sauce and cheese melted on top. This classic comfort meal is easy to make with less than 10 ingredients!
Total Time: 45 minutes
Read more
slice of turkey pot pie on white plate
Turkey Pot Pie
Use leftovers from Thanksgiving to make this easy homemade turkey pot pie. The ultimate comfort food that's made with a flaky pie crust and a creamy pot pie filling. 
Total Time: 1 hour
Read more
spoon of biscuits on top of chicken pot pie
Chicken Pot Pie with Biscuits
Chicken pot pie with biscuits is quick and easy comfort food that has all of the delicious signature elements of the classic dish but with time-saving shortcuts to get dinner on the table in under 1 hour!
Total Time: 50 minutes
Read more
cooked breakfast pie
Breakfast Pie
This savory breakfast pie starts with a flaky pie crust and is filled with a mixture of eggs, ham, cheese, veggies and spices. It's an easy-to-make breakfast idea that's always a crowd favorite! 
Total Time: 45 minutes
Read more
chicken broccoli rice casserole
Chicken Broccoli Casserole Recipe
An easy dinner idea that is the perfect "all in one" meal that's great for busy weeknights. This chicken broccoli casserole is a staple dish at our house!
Total Time: 45 minutes
Read more
White Chicken Lasagna with Pesto
White Chicken Lasagna
This white chicken lasagna with pesto is layered with a creamy white sauce, chicken, spinach and melty cheese then baked until golden and bubbly. It's the perfect spin on a classic dinner recipe that the whole family will love! 
Total Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Read more
Savory crepes with eggs on a white plate.
Savory Crepes
Tender savory crepes are easy to make at home and filled with melty cheese, scrambled eggs and savory bacon. It's the ultimate breakfast crepe!
Total Time: 40 minutes
Read more
fall salad in a white bowl
Fall Salad
This easy fall salad is filled with chopped greens, apples, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds and roasted butternut squash. Then topped with a maple balsamic dressing that brings out the delicious fall flavors!
Total Time: 20 minutes
Read more
chicken club lettuce wraps with ranch drizzled on top
Chicken Club Lettuce Wrap Recipe
Chicken Club Lettuce Wraps… a quick and easy lunch idea made with only a few ingredients!
Total Time: 10 minutes
Read more
runny egg yolk on avocado toast
Avocado Toast With Egg
This avocado toast with egg is a quick and easy simple breakfast complete with fiber, good fats and protein. This nutrient dense recipe is the best breakfast or snack to fuel your day!
Total Time: 10 minutes
Read more
Ham and cheese sliders.
Ham and Cheese Sliders
These easy ham and cheese sliders are made with sweet Hawaiian rolls then brushed with a buttery poppy seed topping! The perfect party appetizer or main dish recipe for game day or the holidays.
Total Time: 25 minutes
Read more
kale salad with apples and butternut squash
Winter Salad
Flavorful winter salad filled with kale, butternut squash, diced apple, pomegranates, pecans, feta and topped with a tangy vinaigrette. It makes the perfect starter to a holiday meal, family party or dinner side!
Total Time: 20 minutes
Read more
buffalo chicken wraps on white plate
Buffalo Chicken Wrap
Buffalo chicken wraps are a quick and easy way to have a healthy flavorful lunch on the go. A tortilla filled to the brim with saucy buffalo chicken, and fresh veggies, drizzled with a homemade ranch dressing!
Total Time: 10 minutes
Read more

Which one of these incredible leftover Thanksgiving recipes will you make first? 

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