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30 Easy Christmas Breakfast Ideas

From festive pancakes to quick casseroles, these easy Christmas breakfast ideas are sure to make your holiday morning merry and bright.

Showing a photos of Christmas breakfast ideas in a collage.
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Best Christmas Breakfast Recipes

If you are anything like me, you love waking up on Christmas morning without even having to think about what you’re going to make for breakfast. I just want to enjoy the merry-making moments by the tree with my family (and maybe a cup of hot chocolate or Christmas holiday punch) instead of spending my time in the kitchen trying to come up with something to eat.

I learned a long time ago that it is always better to have a plan in place for that busy holiday morning, so now I know exactly what I am going to make (or already have it made, like the cranberry orange bread) before the festivities begin.

With that in mind, I have gathered some of my all-time favorite Christmas breakfast ideas to help you keep your spirits bright all day long.

What to Make on Christmas Morning

Deciding on a Christmas breakfast recipe can be daunting or simply get overlooked when making appetizers for Christmas, planning a dinner menu, and all that Christmas cookie baking. There are, however, a few things to consider when deciding what to serve for a Christmas day breakfast. Here is what I ask myself when trying to narrow down brunch recipes.

  • Casual or elevated. The first thing I always ask myself is where will I be serving. Do we want to have a Christmas brunch at the table or eat in our pajamas on trays by the tree? This helps determine if I will be making something that needs to be plated like eggs benedict or not.
  • Sweet or savory. I always like to balance the morning meal with a little bit of both, but it’s good to know what you want for the main dish. For instance, if I decide to make eggnog French toast, I will serve it alongside some oven-cooked bacon. Sweet and savory for the holiday win!
  • How many people. Will it be just a small gathering or are you hosting guests for a bigger event? This will determine how long it can take to make or if you need more than one dish.
  • Time it takes. This is important because I want to know how long I am going to be in the kitchen on Christmas morning. While I love easy breakfast ideas, on a holiday morning it all depends on how I am feeling, so I will choose based on if I want something I can make ahead, like the overnight breakfast casserole with sausage; that require just a little bit of prep in the morning, like the sheet pan pancakes; or something that takes a little bit longer but the time is well spent for how good it is, like the best orange sweet rolls.

Christmas Breakfast Casserole

Oh, how I love eggs and how you can transform them into almost anything. I also can’t get enough of a good breakfast casserole and how easy it is to pack so much flavor and good-for-you ingredients into each bite. When in doubt, I do the egg route because I know I can make something wonderful.

Breakfast pie in pie dish.

Christmas Pancakes

Pancakes are one of my favorite go-to Christmas breakfast ideas, because they come together quickly and they are so fun to eat. Plus, you can make them festive by the way you shape them or what you use as a topping.

Elf on the shelf pancakes on white plate.
  • Elf on the Shelf Pancakes: Even if the Elf has gone home for the season, these fun pancakes are perfect for Christmas morning.
  • Cinnamon Roll Pancakes: Topped with a cream cheese glaze, these pancakes taste just like a cinnamon roll without the baking.
  • Sheet Pan Pancakes: No need to flip thanks to this one bowl, one sheet method for light and fluffy baked pancakes. 
  • Reindeer Pancakes: Your kids will love how playful these are and you will love that they take 15 minutes to make.
  • Easy Ricotta Pancakes: The ricotta adds a lovely richness to the texture and elevates the everyday pancake.
  • German Pancakes: These fluffy pancakes are a family favorite and require very little effort.
  • Apple Cinnamon Pancakes: Can you ever go wrong when grated apples are baked right into your pancakes? Nope.

Waffles, French Toast and Crepes

Admittedly, waffles, French toast, and crepes can seem like more effort than some other Christmas breakfast ideas, but they actually can be quite simple. I love to serve them for a sit-down Christmas brunch, where I know the wow factor will be appreciated.

Two slices of eggnog french toast on a plate.

Christmas Baked Goods

I love baking for Christmas, and the morning of the holiday is no different. Whether it is coffee cake, well-spiced cinnamon rolls or gooey pull-apart breads, I love how everyone can sit by the tree and enjoy something sweet together.

Sliced cranberry orange bread on a plate.

Full List of Easy Christmas Breakfast Ideas

Click on the links below to find all the easy Christmas breakfast ideas for the delicious recipes mentioned above.

cranberry orange bread sliced
Cranberry Orange Bread
An easy-to-make quick bread filled with fresh, juicy cranberries, orange juice and zest, and then topped with a sweet orange glaze. This cranberry orange bread is perfect to make this holiday season!
Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Read more
cinnamon roll recipe
1 Hour Cinnamon Roll Recipe
These one hour cinnamon rolls are super soft and delicious slathered with an amazing melt-in-your-mouth frosting. Just as yummy as the classic cinnamon roll recipe, but done in half the time!
Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Read more
chocolate chip cinnamon rolls in pan
Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls
Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls -all the goodness of cinnamon rolls filled with delicious bits of chocolate chips in every bite!
Total Time: 3 hours
orange rolls
Orange Sweet Rolls
Soft, pillowy homemade orange sweet rolls have a filling sweetened with orange juice and orange zest and are topped with a delicious orange buttercream frosting.
Total Time: 2 hours 50 minutes
Read more
raspberry sweet rolls with glaze
Raspberry Sweet Rolls
Raspberry sweet rolls are soft, fluffy rolls filled with a delicious raspberry filling and topped with a cream cheese frosting. These scrumptious rolls are bound to become everyone's new favorite!
Total Time: 2 hours 50 minutes
Read more
overnight cinnamon rolls on parchment paper
Overnight Cinnamon Roll Recipe
Soft and fluffy overnight cinnamon rolls can be prepped the night before and baked in the morning! Top with a rich cream cheese frosting for the best breakfast.
Total Time: 12 hours 50 minutes
Read more
Holding Irish Scone with whipped cream and jam
Irish Scones
Traditional homemade Irish scones are easy to make with only a few basic ingredients. They are soft, moist and tender with a crisp sugary top and perfect to serve at breakfast with your favorite jam, cream and a cup of tea!
Total Time: 30 minutes
Read more
Apple monkey bread piece on a white plate.
Caramel Apple Monkey Bread
Ooey gooey sticky bread filled with cinnamon sugared apples. This caramel apple monkey bread is perfect for entertaining and makes the best fall treat! 
Total Time: 55 minutes
Read more
loaf of apple pull apart bread drizzled with caramel icing
Apple Pull Apart Bread
Apple pull apart bread filled with brown sugar cinnamon apples and topped with the most amazing caramel icing. The perfect fall dessert!
Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Read more
breakfast muffin with jam
Easy Muffin Recipe
Made with only a few ingredients and use just one bowl and spoon! Once you make this easy muffin recipe, it'll become your new favorite easy breakfast!
Total Time: 20 minutes
Read more
elf on the shelf pancakes
Elf on the Shelf Pancakes
Add a little sparkle to your mornings with these festive homemade elf pancakes. Brightly colored, beautifully decorated and topped with a delicious cream cheese glaze!
Total Time: 20 minutes
Read more
cinnamon roll pancakes on plate
Cinnamon Roll Pancakes
These cinnamon roll pancakes have a cinnamon sugar swirl and are drizzled with a cream cheese glaze. They are the perfect fluffy pancake for weekends or special occasions.
Total Time: 20 minutes
Read more
stack of sheet pan pancakes with syrup and berries
Sheet Pan Pancakes
These sheet pan pancakes are the perfect breakfast for feeding a crowd! Made in one bowl and on one sheet, there is no waiting, no flipping and you can customize the toppings.
Total Time: 25 minutes
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reindeer pancake on white plate
Reindeer Pancakes
These Christmas reindeer pancakes are a fun holiday breakfast tradition that your kids will love! Made in just 15 minutes, this recipe is easy, delicious and a festive way to celebrate the season.
Total Time: 15 minutes
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Stack of ricotta pancakes on white plate with blueberries.
Ricotta Pancakes
These easy ricotta pancakes are fluffy, moist and incredibly delicious. Made with ricotta cheese, they have crisp golden edges with a creamy custard-like center and are perfect to pair with a drizzle of maple syrup and fresh berries. 
Total Time: 20 minutes
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german pancakes
German Pancake Recipe
These German pancakes are a light and fluffy version of American pancakes baked in one pan. Easy to make with only 6 ingredients they will be a new family favorite for breakfast!
Total Time: 25 minutes
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apple pancakes on white plate
Apple Cinnamon Pancakes
Fluffy apple pancakes with a hint of cinnamon and grated apples baked right into the center. These are the perfect fall breakfast!
Total Time: 20 minutes
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eggnog french toast on a white plate
Eggnog French Toast Recipe
This easy eggnog french toast is the perfect recipe for your Christmas morning or holiday brunch! It's golden, rich and full of delicious eggnog flavor.
Total Time: 15 minutes
Read more
belgian waffle with berries on a white plate
Belgian Waffles
Perfectly crispy, soft, light and fluffy Belgian waffles. Made with common pantry staples and ready in just 20 minutes!
Total Time: 20 minutes
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Savory crepes with eggs on a white plate.
Savory Crepes
Tender savory crepes are easy to make at home and filled with melty cheese, scrambled eggs and savory bacon. It's the ultimate breakfast crepe!
Total Time: 40 minutes
Read more
Nutella Crepes
Sweet nutella crepes filled with a chocolate hazelnut spread and sliced bananas. Only 5 minutes of prep and perfect for Sunday brunch or dessert night. 
Total Time: 40 minutes
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French toast casserole in a white baking dish.
Overnight French Toast
Overnight french toast casserole topped with a brown sugar crumble and berries. A delicious spin on the classic and perfect for holiday gatherings or Sunday brunch!
Total Time: 4 hours 15 minutes
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cooked breakfast pie
Breakfast Pie
This savory breakfast pie starts with a flaky pie crust and is filled with a mixture of eggs, ham, cheese, veggies and spices. It's an easy-to-make breakfast idea that's always a crowd favorite! 
Total Time: 45 minutes
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Slice of overnight breakfast casserole.
Overnight Breakfast Casserole
This overnight breakfast casserole with sausage, eggs, potatoes and cheese is easy to assemble the night before and bake in the morning! Perfect for a holiday breakfast.
Total Time: 1 hour 20 minutes
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breakfast skillet recipe
Breakfast Skillet
This cheesy bacon breakfast skillet has delicious layers of eggs, hash browns, cheese and bacon. Easy to whip up, but tastes indulgent and oh-so-delicious!
Total Time: 20 minutes
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Sausage crescent roll breakfast casserole baked in white baking dish.
Crescent Roll Breakfast Casserole
Do you need an easy solution for a filling breakfast? This crescent roll breakfast casserole can be prepared the night before and baked in the oven in the morning. Loaded with sausage, eggs, cheese, and buttery crescent rolls, this simple-to-make breakfast makes any day feel special!
Total Time: 1 hour
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Slice of quiche on white plate.
Ham and Cheese Quiche
This easy ham and cheese quiche is made with a buttery, flaky pie crust base and rich, cheesy egg filling that is perfect for serving at breakfast, brunch, or holiday mornings!
Total Time: 45 minutes
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cooked egg cups in muffin pan
Hash Brown Egg Cups
These hash brown egg cups are packed with protein for on-the-go mornings to keep you full all day! Whether they're served with a salad for lunch, rice for dinner, or as part of an Easter brunch, everyone loves these savory breakfast bites!
Total Time: 50 minutes
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Frittata in an iron skillet.
Ham and Cheese Frittata Recipe
This ham and cheese frittata is easy to make with savory diced ham, cheddar cheese and broccoli for a simple breakfast, brunch or dinner.
Total Time: 35 minutes
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Breakfast slider with cheese and bacon.
Breakfast Sliders
Wow your breakfast or brunch crowd with these crispy golden buns filled with bacon, eggs, and cheddar cheese! Baked as one, then pulled apart, these Hawaiian roll breakfast sliders are easy to make and even easier to serve!
Total Time: 45 minutes
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